Andy Ruiz v Anthony Joshua II – The Expert Predictions

In this article I have spoke to a number of current & former professional boxers & trainers to get their expert breakdowns & predictions for the big fight.

Lucas Browne, Heavyweight

‘I think they both have the same chance this time around, Ruiz is still sharp and fast etc but AJ has made adjustments and is lighter so 50/50’

Nathaniel Collins, unbeaten Super Featherweight

‘My opinion is repeat rather than revenge. Reason being is Joshua seems unnatural in comparison to Ruiz in terms of boxing ability. The speed lies with Ruiz whereas the one punch knockout power still lies with Joshua so there is still the punchers chance. With that being said being a proud tough Mexican the mental aspect of getting back up and mental toughness to take shots and carry on regardless is there. Another aspect is psychologically is Joshua now under more pressure and stress with the fear that this man has already beat me, this man has the power and ability to stop me will those thoughts loom over him and ultimately affect his performance. Finally both have been chin checked but Joshua seems to have been chin checked on more than one occasion.

Final thought from me is Ruiz by stoppage again, however, with Joshua being the cash cow if it goes to decision I don’t see him losing’

Lyndon Arthur, Commonwealth Light Heavyweight Champion

‘I think and hope AJ will make the adjustments needed to beat him he’s got the power to hurt him but like he said in his interview he needs to cook and wait until he’s ready to go before he tries to knock him out, Ruiz is dangerous and quick so he has to be careful at all times’

Amy Timlin, unbeaten Bantamweight

‘It’s a tough one to call but I reckon Joshua will get the revenge on Saturday night, I’ve just got a feeling that hes gonna end up knocking Ruiz out in the 7th or 8th round as hes looking a lot more lean and lost a lot of muscle which will allow him to be quicker on his feet and not as static with his movement, but Ruiz is also looking very sharp himself and lost a lot of fat too so it’s a tricky one to predict but I’m leaning more towards AJ for the win by KO’

Marcus Morrison, Middleweight

‘I definitely think Joshua will have made improvements for the rematch, and will definitely look to keep the fight at range but with that said, I think it’s going to be the same outcome, but later on in the fight. I’m going with a Ruiz stoppage.’

Billy Nelson, Trainer

‘I think if AJ uses his boxing skills, reach and strength he should win , however if he gets drawn into a dog fight this gives Ruiz a better chance’

Dorian Darch, Heavyweight

‘I would never have said it before the first fight but I think Ruiz has got his number. Even though he’s shapeless he’s all wrong for him. High punch output, throws combinations and can take a shot. Same result as the first fight I reckon’

Paul Butler, former Bantamweight World Champion

‘I think it’s a very interesting fight, but my thoughts are if AJ is going to win he does it in the first 4 rounds and has to go back to the old AJ where he was a wrecking machine, not with the left hand down like he did in the last fight trying to box and be clever moving. Go back to what made him champion, letting the hands go and smashing through people in his way. But I do think everyone has a style they don’t like and I feel Ruiz is all wrong for AJ. He’s small, compact, fast hands, hits hard and has great variety head and body.

So my prediction is Ruiz around about 10 rounds stoppage in a very good fight again!’

Michael Watson, former Middleweight World Title challenger

‘People say the pressure is now on Ruiz but I think the pressure is all on Joshua. I see a more controlled performance from AJ, but inevitably see the same result. Andy Ruiz by mid to late stoppage’

Natasha Jonas, Lightweight

‘I think it’s still a tough fight but Joshua wins. If his pride and ego have anything to do with it, it doesn’t go to points’

Luther Clay, Welterweight

‘I don’t know about a prediction but I want to see Aj win so we can see the Deontay Wilder & Tyson Fury fights as they are big ones, any prediction for my fight is a win by any means necessary’

Mark De Mori, Heavyweight

‘Hi Luke , I predict Ruiz by late stoppage , I think Joshua will be slimmer trying to box and think Ruiz will walk him down from the half way point’

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