Anthony Crolla’s Most Memorable Moments

Anthony Crolla steps into the ring one last time this weekend as a professional boxer, he’s amassed a record of 34-7-3 that has seen him pick up English, British, Inter-Continental & of course, Word titles. You’d be hard pressed to find a single person within the boxing fraternity with a bad word to say about Anthony, he’s a genuinely good guy & that’s no doubt aiding him in building the loyal & passionate following his has.

In this article I spoke to a number of boxers & trainers from across ‘Million Dollar’s’ home city of Manchester & to find out their ‘Most Memorable’ Anthony Crolla moment…

Kieran Farrell BEM

‘His win over (Darelys) Perez (for the WBA world title) was iconic!’

Marcus Morrison

‘For me, my favourite fight of Ant’s has got to be the Ismael Barroso fight… it was his first defence after coming off a great win against Darleys Perez to win the world title. He was up against a monstrous puncher in Barroso, and was a big underdog in a lot of people’s eyes. Ant weathered a huge storm in the first few rounds of the fight, and if I’m honest, I watched those first few rounds through my fingers and in the edge of my seat. For Ant to get through the first half of the fight, then take him out in the 7th… that was special!’

Lyndon Arthur

‘Favourite moment was when he won the world title (against Darleys Perez) I was at that fight the whole atmosphere was nuts.. and when he put him down an we was all counting with the ref n you realised he wasn’t getting back up was insane’

Ben Mulligan

‘My favorite moment of Anthony Crolla’s career was when he won the world title stopping Darleys Perez in the fifth round. Not just his career before that but after suffering a fractured skull 11 months before the fight he bounced back time and time again and won a world title. Crolla is the fighter that every prospect, fighter at any level should look at and think when times get hard you’ve got to hang In there and keep fighting till the end. Manchester legend’

Jake Bulger

‘Yeah my favourite fight was the Andy Morris fight or the John Watson fight when he won the British, I was a bit younger back then and it was mint to have a British champion in the gym (he used to coach us at the Fox abc at the time) and the way he won being an underdog made it better.’

Dylan Evans

‘My favourite fight I think has to be the Perez 2 fight, especially after he was robbed in the first fight after everything what he over came in the lead up to that fight so to finally see him become a world champion is probably my favourite moment of his career.’

Curtis Gargano

‘For me there’s the one where he beat Andy Morris for the English that was special, I was there’

Sam Hyde

‘My favourite moment of Crolla’s career was when when we went to Vegas. He didn’t fight, but that’s my favourite moment! All jokes aside, he’s a legend and a career he can be so proud of.

Ryan Doyle

Personally I love the fight against Andy Morris when he won the English super featherweight title’

Lee Carter

‘Crolla has been a credit to the sport. My favourite moment is when he won the world title, the entire city was routing for him and he delivered class act’

My Favourite Moment

I’d like to thank all the above for their brilliant contributions, personally my favourite moment of Anthony Crolla’s career is the Ismael Barroso victory, Crolla boxed to a perfect game plan devised by trainer Joe Gallagher in which he weathered a massive early storm, took a huge amount of punches on the forearms, forehead & still walked forward pressurising Barroso who eventually gassed around the 6th & was took out in the 7th!! It was a stunning win against a very dangerous opponent in Barroso who’s come into the fight on the back of knocking out Kevin Mitchell.

By Luke Carney for SimBoxx🥊

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