Avanesyan v Kelly - The Expert Prediction

Our expert panel were given the unenviable task of predicting this weekend’s European welterweight title fight, David Avanesyan v Josh ‘PBK’ Kelly...

Denzel Bentley

The fight to me is a lot closer than when it was first announced I feel like Josh Kelly has grown more, has had a lot of time to make the weight, and correct his mistakes but I’m still gonna go with David Avanesyan but it’ll be a close fight!

Macauley McGowan

Not much of a breakdown as I don’t think it will last too long, I don’t think it will go past 5 maybe 6rounds. I think Avanesyan will start fast but will be very wound up, I think Kelly will catch him with a lot of clean,accurate shots. I think it will turn into an all out war for a few rounds, Kelly will show he’s got balls like King Kong to stand and have it big time and knock Avanesyan out within 6 rounds.

Billy Nelson

I think David’s experience will be the deciding factor, at some stage Josh will be drawn into a fight that will play into David’s hands.

David by ko mid-late.

Brian Rose

I’m predicting a Josh Kelly win on points, I don’t think he’ll have it all his own way but I’m confident he wins a close fight on points.

Chris Jenkins

I think it’s a good fight with two top fighters. One minute I’m thinking Kelly, the next minute I’m thinking Avanesya, I honestly can’t pick! All I know is it’s going to be one hell of a fight, boxer vs fighter!

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