Danny Garcia Vs Ivan Redkach: Danny Dominates

It had been a long road back for Danny Garcia, the boxing world has not seen Garcia in the ring since April. With a new opponent and a new year upon us, Garcia was expected to make mincemeat out of his opponent, Ukranianian Ivan Redkach. What we got was a dominant Garcia win, just not in the form we expected.

Ivan Redkach is by no means a household name. In fact his only notable victory was last June, when he became the first man to stop fading former champion Devon Alexander. This fight was expected by many media pundits and fans alike to be a tune up fight, something to keep Garcia active before he went back to challenging the bigger names of the division.

What we expected was a one sided knockout, we can all be honest here. What instead happened was a game Redkach, even going toe to toe at times with Garcia in the middle of the ring. It wasn’t close by any means. Garcia had won virtually every round by a mile, he had cut the Ukranian badly around the eye and at times was dominant enough to where the fight could have been stopped. Despite this, Redkach stuck around for the entire fight, and although Garcia got the Unanimous decision victory, it was not the typical knockout Garcia fight we had been hoping for.

Post fight, Garcia had complained about losing 25 pounds prior to the fight, explaining why he had not looked so sharp. No matter the excuse, Garcia did not look like his usual self. Now with Garcia looking for a big money fight with the likes of Manny Pacquaio, Errol Spence or even a rematch with Shawn Porter lingering, one has to wonder is Danny still ‘Swift’ enough for the competition.

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