Deontay Wilder v Tyson Fury – The Alternative Preview

I wanted to look at this from an alternate view and add some factors that I have not seen well published.

Trainer Change – Tyson Fury has changed trainer from Ben Davidson to Sugar Hill again well published but this was mid camp which is a huge red flag for team fury. The reason is Fury wanted to bring in an experienced head like he did with Wilder Fury 1 with Freddie Roach and Ricky Hatton. This cannot help Fury having a new trainer 7 weeks out so I believe this gives the advantage to team Wilder.

CUT – Fury had a nasty cut against Otto Wallin that required 47 stitches so bad that most referees would have called off the fight. This could be a major player in the rematch one accidental head clash and we could have a no contest. Now how about a cut that was created by a punch could the hardest hitting heavyweight in recent history open this cut ABSOLUTELY. Is Fury worried about the cut 100% he has brought in Stich Duran who is known as one of the best cutsmen in the world as he worked with Andre Ward and both Klitschko’s. Again this only plays in to the hands of Team Wilder.

Weight – In the first fight Fury weighed 256 1/2 pounds we expect him to come in around 265 but looking much leaner which he says is for the power to knock out Wilder. Reality I believe this is for punch resistance so that he can take Wilders big punches as Wlder WILL land eventually. Wilder came in at 212 1/2 pounds which is incredible considering the power the man possesses. I expect him to come in at around 225lbs this time as he knows he cannot out box Fury and he just needs to believe in his power.

I think all of these scenarios play in to the hands of team Wilder but I can honestly see this fight becoming a No Contest or a Draw just because of the fact if Wilder lands Fury will have to get back up again and if the cut opens up you never know what is going to happen. My official prediction is Fury Points but I am more nervous about that as the trainer change really bothers me the most as Wilder seems to have 100% stability.

No matter what happens we are in for a treat.

Jason Peters of SimBoxx🥊

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