Fury vs Wilder 2 Review

Saturday night was a night which will forever be remembered in heavyweight boxing lore. It was a fight many fans and boxing pundits had been clamoring for since the first fight. Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder part two.

The first fight saw Tyson Fury making a comeback in a way many had not predicted. After a nearly three-year layoff, the ‘Gypsy King’ returned to challenge Deontay Wilder for his WBC title after only two tuneup fights vs low level competition. What we were treated to was a dazzling performance, that despite being knocked down twice, many felt Fury had won.

Fast forward to over a year later, and finally this past Saturday night, we were treated to the long awaited sequel. Deontay Wilder was coming in to the fight at the heaviest weight he had ever been, meanwhile Fury was coming in much bigger than the first fight. Everyone was wondering how would this play out, was Wilder adding bulk to try and finish off Fury? Was Fury overweight or putting on more weight to knockout Wilder like he had predicted?

The ring entrances were as flashy and dazzling as expected. Fury came out first, carried out like an ancient king to his court on a throne with a crown upon his head, while Patsy Cline’s 1961 hit “Crazy” blared over the loudspeaker. Wilder came out to images of trailblazing African-American’s, all while wearing a kind of garb that looked like a bedazzled Sauron out of Lord of the Rings.

The fighters took the ring in round one, and the fight looked significantly different from the first fight from the onset. Fury the more elusive boxer seemed to be stalking and coming forward more than the previous fight. By round two (the round Fury predicted he would knockout Wilder in) you could see Fury was fighting a much different and aggressive fight. Wilder was trying to land his patented right hook, which connected on a couple occasions but did nothing to stumble the Brit.

Round four was more of the same, Fury stalked the American and bullied him into the ropes constantly. Wilder was barely even countering the attack of Fury and was just trying to survive. By round five, Fury clipped Wilder with a crisp body shot that sent him down once again. Las Vegas was rocking and it looked as though Fury was going to finish the job. Wilder once again somehow managed to escape the round.

By round six, it seemed everyone was just waiting for this one to end. Either by stoppage or Fury knocking out the ‘Bronze Bomber’, in one of the weirdest sequences in boxing in quite some time, Fury appeared to lick the blood off of Wilder’s neck during a clinch. When the man said pre-fight “he wanted to taste blood”, he certainly backed up his claim. Wilder by this point was a bruised and bloody mess, with blood pouring out from his ear (in what would later be

described as a cut), he somehow survived until round seven, although by the look on the faces of his corner, they were more than concerned for their fighter.

Round seven would be the final one, Fury came out once again pounding Wilder into the corner with hardly any defense shown from Wilder. He was barely on his feet as Fury unloaded punch after punch, and finally the curtain had closed as Wilder’s corner threw in the towel.

A post-fight Wilder was questioned and disagreed about the stoppage, although it was clear he was in very bad shape. Fury grabbed the microphone once it was his time to speak, the Gypsy King serenaded the crowd with a rendition of “American Pie” even getting famed promoter Bob Arum to join in on the fun. Tyson Fury was now the WBC heavyweight champion of the world. The only question now is, will there be a third fight with Wilder or will Fury get the chance to fight fellow champion and Brit Anthony Joshua? Only time will tell, but the reign of the Gypsy King is now.

By Alex Perl of SimBoxx

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