Fury vs Wilder II Preview

In the first fight, Fury bamboozled Wilder with his footwork and nullified his big right hand by either making Wilder use it defensively or tying him up whenever the distance shortened. But as we have seen so many times, Wilder did land and when he did, Fury fell.

It wasn’t until Round 9 when Fury switched off for the first time in the fight, he squared up his feet and was almost caught between tying Wilder up and dancing away from the ropes with his ‘middleweight style movement’ but this gave Wilder his first opportunity to land, and land he did, sending Fury to the canvas with a short left hook, followed by an overhand right. Fury beat the count of the referee and while Wilder came bombarding in, Fury just controlled the rest of the round.

Round 12, well what can I say that hasn’t already been said about this. It was one of the best rounds of Heavyweight boxing I have ever seen. Wilder hit Fury with an outrageous right hand and even hit him with a left hand on the way down. It was over, Wilder celebrating retaining his WBC crown, there is no way Fury is getting up from that, he was out. But you don’t write off the ‘Gypsy King’ he arose from the canvas like the Undertaker at WrestleMania, it was incredible and even had his arms behind his back for part of the round.

When the bell rang to signal the end of the contest, we all thought Fury won. The only rounds that could be given to Wilder were the two 10-8 rounds above. But the judges thought different, giving a split decision draw, with one of the judges outlandishly giving it 115-111 to Wilder.

So, what can they do differently in the second fight?

This is where I believe Wilder will have the edge, because even when absolutely outclassed, outboxed and bamboozled by Fury, he still managed to drop the Gypsy King twice and if he has worked him out, even slightly, this could lead to a very dangerous night for Tyson Fury.

Defensive, unorthodox fighters very rarely have rematches because their opponents inability to bring in sparing partners with the same qualities is their biggest weapon, that along with Fury completely outclassing Wilder in the first fight, there isn’t much he can change in my opinion and all he can hope for is that the judges score it fairly this time because I don’t believe a word he says about knocking Wilder out, because that just isn’t going to happen.

I believe Wilder will be much more ruthless this time and with him knowing the power, or lack of it Fury has, along with having a better knowledge of his defensive movements, I think Wilder will walk him down and stop him in the mid-rounds. With that being said, you can never write Fury off, as he has proved so many times and could box his way to a points win, another reason this fight is so intriguing because no one can definitively predict the outcome.

But without siting on the fence, my prediction is Wilder stoppage between rounds 4 and 8.

By Bobby Gunn of SimBoxx🥊

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