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During this unprecedented period some boxers may find they have less motivation to train, along with a lack of equipment available to them…

But all things considered what could and should boxers be doing during lockdown to give them an upper hand on their future opponents!

As we all see on social media, some boxers have access to gyms and equipment to keep up their fitness and polish their boxing skills with a lack of sparring and 121 coaching being the areas missing from their day to day training.

Let’s look at the boxers that have none of these luxuries! No gym, no equipment (for example bags) and nobody available for padwork. What can they do to keep up their fitness, motivation and even boxing skills??

Well lets start with fitness. If a boxer is hungry for success there’s no excuse for a drop in fitness regardless of the equipment available. Get your skipping rope out, get out on the road running, shadowbox and throw in some high intensity bodyweight circuits. The change in environment and exercises may even help your fitness!! To take it a step further you could even make shifts some weights with paintcans, jerry cans or boxing bags with sandbags and pillow cases as many have already.

Moving on to boxing skills and coaching. Now this is slightly more difficult but with the social media and technical equipment available in today’s era then live facetime workouts with your coach is always a possibility. Failing this regular chats with your coach for guidance im sure will alway be available. There’s no reason why they cant set you areas to work on and give feedback to make improvements from videos you send. The list of opportunities is endless and you may even come back an improved fighter.

Finally the key to succeeding is staying motivated during this period. As a fighter are you still eating clean, keeping weight down and improving your knowledge on the art of boxing? With extra time on your hands are you watching fights back and learning from the elite??

When we come out of this period it will be interesting to see who really does want to reach the top and achieve their goals!!


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