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Making Weight

During these unprecedented times i thought an article on the dreaded making weight would be fitting with many people (not only boxers) struggling to motivate themselves into eating clean and possibly even using excuses not to train at home….

Trust me, from previous experience myself and I’m sure all boxers will agree, the hardest part of boxing is MAKING WEIGHT. The general public may think that is absurb considering a boxer gets punched in the face for a living but believe you me it is….

Training intensely 2 to 3 times a day with limited calorie consumption is draining on energy systems let alone the mental strength it takes not to eat a piece of pizza or chocolate so that you don’t ruin the good work and slow the weight loss down.

For myself, I would stop eating any treats at all (even one block of chocolate or one spoonful of Ben and Jerrys) for a 10 week period to ensure i made weight. Your average person probably thinks, oh 10 weeks isn’t that long?? Well i challenge you to try living off porridge, chicken, veg and at least 5 litres of water daily for 10 weeks straight.

The positive to this is it really does make you agitated and want to rip your opponents head off come fight night.

Then it comes to fight week when you are needing to get off them final few pounds, sometimes more for several boxers. Cutting your food even more than previously, spending long periods in the sauna and sweat suits to sweat out then using water manipulation to dehydrate really does become unbearable.

It can be considered dangerous by some specialists but a boxer will lose as much water weight as possible to ensure when they rehydrate for fight night they are the biggest they possibly can be, giving them a huge advantage in strength and power.

As soon as a boxer comes off them scales and restrictions are lifted, it feels like a huge weight off the shoulders, pardon the pun…

For everything i have stated above and experiences i have had myself in the past i really do tip my hat to all boxers making weight..

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