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Greatest Fight Of All Time

There are so many great fights out there to choose from over the years. Ward vs Gatti, Hearns vs Hagler, Ali vs Frazier, Benn vs Eubank, the list is endless.

Looking back across all the fights I have had the pleasure to witness I am always drawn towards the one fight as my greatest of all time, purely based on ROUND 10.

I am sure as soon as I mention round 10 many a boxing fan around the world needs no further clues as to my favourite fight of all time. It is none other than Diego Corrales vs Jose Luis Castillo.

Round 10 in this fight is something I have watched time and again, always with the same feeling of excitement each time. This thrilling fight had it all – knockdowns (both suffered by the winner for that matter) and controversy as Corrales spat out his mouthpiece buying himself precious time and helping him to pull victory from the jaws of defeat.

This fight really was no-holds barred combat you may see on a street corner on a Saturday night, both fighters hit low, they wrestled and with both fighters rocked to their boots in turn they still never took a back foot! They saw this as a sign of weakness with both willing to die for the cause.

Whilst Corrales had gained a marginal lead going into the tenth, the swelling around his eyes was testament to Castillo’s successes and the war taking place before our very eyes.

In what would be the final round (10th round) Castillo, cut badly from the 4th round managed to drop Corrales with a stunning left hook. ‘Chico’ looked in desperate trouble and his mouthpiece was knocked out of the ring, buying him an extra 10 seconds. Even this didnt seem enough, he was out on his feet with Castillo storming in and hammering Corrales once again. The fight looked over and Corrales hit the canvas once again.

Corrales then played his trump card, intentionally spitting his gumshield out, losing a point but gaining an invaluable 30 seconds respite.

When the action restarted, Castillo did as any other fighter would and came in on Corrales relentlessly only to be met with probably the most important right hand of Corrales’ entire career. This rocked Castillo to the ropes with Diego pounding the mexican fighter from pillar to post.

The referee Tony Weeks had no other option but to step in and call a halt to the fight, an absolute classic contest and the most spectacular I have ever seen.

I would just like to finish my article by saying Rest in Peace to the late, great Diego Corrales after he tragically died in a motorcyle accident in 2007.

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