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As Simboxx followers may have already seen a huge topic of discussion and debate this week amongst the Simboxx team has been the Tyson Fury vs Anthony Joshua fight. To the point that Luke will now be a very poor man once the fight eventually happens.

I am sure that you will agree this is a fight we would all love to see, possibly the biggest fight in boxing and brings so many differing opinions to the table, not only with boxing enthusiasts but the general public.

This is a debate that has been thrown around the boxing world many a time with the likes of Mike Tyson, Teddy Atlas and Pauly Malinaggi portraying their thoughts on how the fight would pan out live on TV. This is a fight that NEEDS TO HAPPEN!

Now to the opinions of the Simboxx lads and their reasoning for it. All of us barring Luke back Fury to emerge victorious should the fight happen. We believe Fury’s angles, punch selection, speed and adaptability would be all wrong for the likes of Joshua. We believe that Fury’s boxing brain is streets ahead of Joshua and his intelligence would play a huge factor in his victory. Fury is likely to lay traps and Joshua will be unable to avoid the traps being set, playing well into the Gypsy kings hands.

Now we are all in the agreement that this is a very close fight despite our differing opinions which is what makes this such an exciting prospect. During our debate Luke did portray some very valid points to back up his belief that Joshua would be crowned the winner.

The Wilder fights had been used as evidence to back up his opinion. He believes if Fury approaches the fight as he did the 1st Wilder fight he is outworked and eventually stopped by Joshua, whereas if he approaches it as he did the 2nd he is outgunned and knocked out due to him trying to take the fight to a man that can punch as big as AJ.

He believes Joshua has shown enough adaptability throughout his career and that Fury would be sharing the ring with an absolute killer, has been hurt on several occasions and would be unable to live with the likes of Joshua. Now enough of our opinions. WHATS YOURS?? We would love to hear them! Personally i believe Fury takes Joshua to school and puts him out in 8-10 rounds. Opinions mean nothing until the fights happens. So come on guys, LETS GET IT ON!!

By Lee Clayton of SimBoxx

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