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In this weeks columm I couldn’t help but discuss and air my views on the highly anticipated comeback of a 53 year old ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson.

Although as a retired boxer i can understand the desire of boxers to come out of retirement for ‘one last fight’ due to nothing being able to fill that void of standing in the squared circle, more often than not it ends in tears.

There are many examples of this. One that springs to mind is that of Ricky Hatton. I was always a huge fan of the ‘Hitman’, went to see him on many occasions, including the comeback against Senchenko and look how that ended.

Personally, I believe as do many others, once a boxer is retired, they should stay retired from the fighting side of the game. Many who have a love for the sport of boxing and appreciate the blood, sweat and tears that goes into competing at the highest level will fear for Mike’s safety and hope they can just remember him as the great he was, rather than him tainting his reputation further.

I often question the motivation of fighters coming out of retirement and the same goes for Mike Tyson. My suspicion is that the money men in the sport, that have no love or care for a fighters well-being may have offered obscene amounts of money to see his comeback. Mike may have some money problems, leading to this being the sole purpose of his comeback!! Whats your opinions? We would love to hear them at Simboxx....

Since the announcement of the comeback, many rumours of the opponents have been banded about from an exhibition fight with Evander Holyfield to challenging one of the current elite heavyweights in Anthony Joshua. I believe any of these scenarios could end in misery not only for Mike but for the boxing world and fans around the globe.

Many videos of Mike training, photos of his new tremendous physique have gone viral around the globe but im sure you can see from my previous points in the article ‘a comeback’ is not something i was to see. ‘Iron’ Mike is one of my all time greats from the past and i want it to stay that way. He may be in great shape, still have abnormal power and terrific skills as a boxer but 15 years out of the ring will have taken its toll especially if he was to challenge one of the worlds elite.

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