Povetkin v Whyte II - The Pro Predictions

Russian veteran heavyweight Alexander Povetkin massively upset the odds when he scored an hellacious knockout victory over then WBC no.1 ranked challenger & WBC ‘interim’ title holder Dillian Whyte.

March 27th sees then rematch finally take place given it was scheduled multiple times previously but was postponed, it now goes down in Gibraltar.

We got the ‘Pro Prediction’ ahead of the huge clash...

Joe Hughes

I’m really unsure on this one, I think I’ll go with Whyte to win by KO this time, he was well on top last time up until the KO but Povetkin obviously has the ability and power to end it at any moment. It’s also hard to know if the KO took anything out of Whyte long term and if so how much but I think he will get it done this time around.

Billy Nelson

Alexander Povetkin by knockout, round 7.

Gavin Gwynne

I think Dillian Whyte by KO, it looks like he’s been working extra hard in the gym & he’s in cracking shape so I’m with the Brit, I hope he pulls it off.

Troy Williamson

Dillian Whyte to win on points.

Denzel Bentley

It’ll be a tough fight, Dillian Whyte will need to be super focus but I’m picking him to win!

Jay Harris

I’m going to go with Dillian Whyte by KO this time!

Dean Dodge

I think Dillian Whyte was winning the fight comfortably before he got knocked out & he’ll be coming back to try and make a statement so Whyte by knockout.

Hannah Rankin

I’m going with Dillian Whyte by late stoppage. I feel this time he’ll get the job done and we’ll see a more aggressive performance from him.

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