Reflections on Canelo v Smith

‘Pound for pound’ was coined to describe the original weight hopper Bob Fitzimmons in dying breaths of the 19th century. Tonight, a flame haired Mexican put his own very conclusive stamp on what is sometimes a nebulous concept.

Turning professional as a small, skinny 15 year old, few would have predicted 15 years later Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez would be physically dominating a world champion who had a 7 inch height and 8 inch reach advantage.

He took an accomplished champion, a man who’s stature, age and record seemed to give him every advantage and made him look exceptionally ordinary. From the opening bell Callum Smith was an open book for Canelo. His winning seemed to him a formality, a habit. Being the best seemed like just another day at the office for Canelo.

His performance has spawned a sea of superlatives and all of them are justified. He was as nuanced as he was destructive. He has just pushed into the realms of great, and not just good fighters with this victory. He has unified divisions everywhere he has been, 154lbs, 160lbs and tonight he did it as 168lbs.

Few have ever accomplished these types of feats against this caliber of opponent, and those who have, strike an imposing figure in boxing. Now though, is time for Canelo to breathe that rarefied air, to dream of being remembered in the hallowed company of the greats of the 1980’s, 1950’s and 1920’s.

History will have its say but today, Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez is the best fighter on planet earth.

Ewan Breeze for SimBoxx

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