Road Warriors -

The role of an away fighter, often dismissed as a 'journeyman', is easily over looked in the world of boxing, boxers who travel the length & breadth of the country to take on the 'next big thing' or 'hyped' prospect.

This Road Warriors series seeks to find out more about these tough, skilled & highly knowledgable athletes & what it means them to be forging a career 'on the road'...

In our third article of the series we caught up with Ryan Hibbert, a relatively new face on the road with a record of 1-7.

Why did you choose to box on the toad?

I chose to box on the road because I hate selling tickets and I much prefer to turn up do the business and go home.

Biggest & best show youve boxed on?

I think Kieran’s Farrell’s last show at Bolton Stadium was best show I have boxed on plus I got a win so that was a bonus!

Hardest puncher you've faced?

The hardest puncher was from the white collar days he was a big fella called James Middleton Lord and he broke my nose and near enough fractured my eye socket both times we fought!

Most skilful boxer you've faced?

I would have to say Bryce Goidridge for most skillfull boxer I have fought.

Out of all the prospects you've fought, who who should we look out for & will go furthest in the sport?

Again I would say Bryce Goodridg for prospect to look out for.

Most overrated prospect you've faced?

Jordan Grant a Scottish lad everyone made out as if he was a big hitter and all that I was probabaly my most easiest pro fight to date.

Biggest motivation in boxing?

My biggest motivation is get the journeyman stereotype that we can’t box changed.

Biggest achievement in boxing?

My biggest achievement is becoming pro considering it only started as a hobby and something to strip abit of body fat.

Is there anyone you wouldnt fight on the road? If so, why?

There is no one I wouldn’t fight that’s what I’m here for, to test myself against every prospect in the game.

Which opponent would you most like to face?

I want to give Tommy Fury a go if I had a pick.

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