Road Warriors - Kevin Macauley

The role of an away fighter, often dismissed as a 'journeyman', is easily over looked in the world of boxing, boxers who travel the length & breadth of the country to take on the 'next big thing' or 'hyped' prospect. This Road Warriors series seeks to find out more about these tough, skilled & highly knowledgable athletes & what it means them to be forging a career 'on the road'...

In our second article of the second series we caught up with the ultra experienced Kevin Macauley....

1 - Why did you choose to box on the road?

I choose to box as It was something my father did as a kid and he always wanted us to do it but as a youngster I didn’t want to. Other than that it could maybe of been the influence of Rocky Balboa or watching fights on television as a kid, god knows!

2 - Biggest and best show you have boxed on?

I’ve boxed on some amazing shows, my biggest night and show was probably when Amir Khan boxed Antonia Bartery at the MEN Arena, Manchester, what an amazing atmosphere!

3 - Hardest puncher you have faced?

The hardest puncher I’ve fought is Sergey Rabchenko

4 - Most skilful boxer you have faced?

Probably Liam Smith

5 - Out of all prospects you faced, who should we look out for and will go furthest in the sport?

I’m not sure with this question as styles beat styles in my opinion but a boxer will always beat an out and out puncher.

6 - Most overrated prospect you have faced?

I couldn’t answer this one really as there’s so many of them!!

7 - Biggest Motivation in boxing?

My biggest motivation for me is my children and making them proud of what I have done for the sport

8- Biggest achievement in boxing?

My best achievement in boxing was winning a Midlands title against Dave Ryan in his backyard in Derby.

9 - Is there anyone you wouldnt fight on the road if offered? And why?

I’d fight absolutely anyone and I feel if I’m up for it, been regular at the gym and my heads in the mix then I’ll give anyone a good fight or survive against most.

10 - What opponent would you most like to face?

I’d love to fight Conner McGregor and school him like Floyd Mayweather did or any of those armchair boxing fans that comment on my losses and know f*** all about the game, have never been in a boxing ring or threw a punch.

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