Road Warriors - Lewis ‘Poochi’ Van Poetsch

The role of an away fighter, often dismissed as a 'journeyman', is easily over looked in the world of boxing, boxers who travel the length & breadth of the country to take on the 'next big thing' or 'hyped' prospect.

This Road Warriors series seeks to find out more about these tough, skilled & highly knowledgable athletes & what it means them to be forging a career 'on the road'...

Our first article is with Lewis 'Poochi' Van Poetsch, a ring veteran with over 130 professional bouts to his name, boxing anywhere between middleweight & light heavyweight, Lewis is a well travelled & vastly experienced boxer, very much aware of his role as an away fighter.

1 - Why did you choose to box on the road?

I chose to box on the road because; I sold tickets for my first 2 fights and as most boxers will tell you - the numbers drop drastically from your debut to your 2nd fight and so on. Took my 3rd fight on the road. Won it & thought “F THIS!” Selling tickets when I can turn up and box with zero hassle. Had one more fight at home & went on the road from there.

2 - Biggest and best show you have boxed on?

The best show I’ve probably boxed on was probably a matchroom show at the 02 arena

Think it was headlined by Kevin Mitchell. My fight was a disaster but the nostalgia of walking to the ring at the 02 Arena was great, there was basically only the officials there when I was in. Least I know what it’s like to fight behind closed doors haha also,

Mike Gallez puts on a great event with the Contender VIP shows, proper show they are.

3 - Hardest puncher you have faced?

Probably got to be between Joe Pigford and Daryl Williams I think. Both put me away inside a round. Which you’ve got to have some serious power in order to be able to do that!

4 - Most skilful boxer you have faced?

Hands down(pun intended) Lerrone Richards. That kid’s going all the way in my opinion. Zach Parker was also a handful, both tremendous boxers who gave me a lesson in the art of boxing.

5 - Out of all prospects you faced, who should we look out for and will go furthest in the sport?

Echoing my answer from Q4.

6 - Most overrated prospect you have faced?

All of them. Haha jokes. That’s a good question to be fair. It’s hard to answer because I don’t really look into opponents really and a lot of my fights are small hall, so not a lot of word on the street of them really. So don’t really have a pin point answer for that unfortunately.

7 - Biggest Motivation in boxing?

Motivation? the obvious answer is the bunson burner I get from it. But I weirdly enjoy being the pantomime villain if you like and entertaining the crowd. Putting on a show and I guess the attention (if that’s allowed) I also enjoy the road trips with my mate, who is also my manager and trainer, Richard Farnan. We have a laugh.

8- Biggest achievement in boxing?

Biggest achievement is probably my 100th fight or my debut. As I always wanted to be a pro, since I started boxing at 14. So that was a dream come true in itself. But, I think overall, despite boxing at a half decent level as an amateur (Lydney ABC) I wasn’t particularly ‘schooled’ so I get I am very proud that I have picked up most of my ring IQ and generalship, especially my defence whilst on the job. So I guess I’m proud that I’ve master the art of not shipping to many shots whilst in the ring with some primed athletes. Also, the accolade of ‘Supporting Boxer of the Year 2019’ which I received at the annual Southern Area awards dinner. What a night that was!

9 - Is there anyone you wouldnt fight on the road if offered? And why?

I would say yes to any fight. But I guess that’s why I have Richard on the phone to make these decisions hahaha.

10 - What opponent would you most like to face?

Line them up, baby! “Any man born from his mother and twice on Sunday’s, big dossers” Lol. Don’t train on Sunday’s!

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