Road Warriors - Michael Horabin

The role of an away fighter, often dismissed as a 'journeyman', is easily over looked in the world of boxing, boxers who travel the length & breadth of the country to take on the 'next big thing' or 'hyped' prospect. This Road Warriors series seeks to find out more about these tough, skilled & highly knowledgable athletes & what it means them to be forging a career 'on the road'... In our first article of the second series we caught up with Michael Horabin.

Why did you choose to box on the road?

I chose to box on the road due to not being able to sell tickets and I knew the journeyman role would suit me better.

Biggest and best show you have boxed on?

Dillian Whyte‘s undercard in London at the O2 Arena, one of the best experiences I’ve had.

Hardest puncher you have faced?

The hardest puncher I’ve faced is definitely Otha Jones the 3rd from USA.

Most skilful boxer you have faced?

Otha Jones is easily the most talented I’ve faced, I’m sure he got gold or silver at the youth Olympics.

Out of all prospects you faced, who should we look out for and will go furthest in the sport?

There’s a lot of good prospects in the sport but I think Louie Lynn or Otha Jones.

Most overrated prospect you have faced?

Not really boxed anyone with massive hype but Mace Ruegg was meant to be very good but was an easy nights work to be honest.

Biggest motivation in boxing?

Before I had my son I just boxed for the sake of boxing and to make money but since I’ve had my son, Carter, he’s definitely become my biggest motivation to fight week in, week out.

Biggest achievement in boxing?

Proving all people wrong who said I’d never turn pro or do anything in my life.

Is there anyone you wouldnt fight on the road if offered? And why?

I’d happily fight anyone, I don’t care how good or how big of a puncher they are, they all p*** and bleed the same as me so I don’t fear anyone!

What opponent would you most like to face?

If I was a prospect or had a winning record I’d love to face the likes of Carl Frampton and other big names and stuff but the year we’ve just had I’ll be happy to fight regularly.

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