Road Warriors - ‘The Entertainer’ Curtis Gargano

The role of an away fighter, often dismissed as a 'journeyman', is easily over looked in the world of boxing, boxers who travel the length & breadth of the country to take on the 'next big thing' or 'hyped' prospect.

This Road Warriors series seeks to find out more about these tough, skilled & highly knowledgable athletes & what it means them to be forging a career 'on the road'...

Our second article is with ‘The Entertainer‘ Curtis Gargano, a man from a family steeped in boxing history, his father a former professional boxer, Curtis turned pro at age 29 & immediately decided a career on the road was his calling

1. Why did you choose to box on the road?

I had no choice, I was winning and doing well from the age of 13 on and off in the amateurs until I was 17, I‘d had about 25 fights but then I just went the wrong way in life and had to pay the hard way. I lost my dad, was pretty lost in life (then) met my misses who had a litle boy he was 18 months old & I knew I had to grow up and really wanted to fight I always did (but) just things got in the way & by the time I could go pro I knew I had to go the journeyman rout as it’s all I had the fire in my belly for by then to fight and put food on the table.

2. Biggest & best show you’ve boxed on?

Frank Warren show in my home town, Manchester Arena, Billy Joe was top of the bill in a world title fight against Andy Lee.

3. Hardest puncher you’ve faced?

On paper Anthony Yarde but I have faced loads was hard to judge near the end of my carrer but when I was on form I would say Tomi Tathen he hit like he had bricks in his gloves.

4. Most skilful boxer you’ve fought?

Really hard to say this one, I boxed that many great boxers!

5. Of all the boxers you’ve faced who should we look out for & will go furthest in the sport?

Pewel August and Sebastion Slusarczyk - them two are something else, wow!

6. Most overrated boxer you’ve faced?

I really couldn’t say, you know sometimes I made it easy sometimes I made it hard for myself with prospects.

7. Biggest motivation in boxing?

For me now? Where I am now? I would say Carl Greaves - he’s a top trainer and manager, I always looked up to Carl, he’s a proper boxing man.

8. Biggest achievement in boxing?

Having 52 pro fights, believing in myself and never giving up.

9. Is there anyone you wouldn’t fight on the road? If so why?

Yeah, Lyndon Arthur, he’s a beast, I sparred him loads years ago, I would stay away from him - he’s dangerous!

10. Why opponent would you have most liked to have faced?

Myself! I would of won then haha.

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