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SB: Hi Kieran, we’ve seen that you’ve just been brought in as a possible reserve in the Golden Contract tournament with MTK Global, a great tournament on a big platform, can I get your thoughts on the announcement?

KG:I’m over the moon with getting the chance to be a part of the GC. It’s a huge tournament. It’s got some names in it that I’ve wanted to be in the ring with so if I just stay fit and win this bout against (Mikey) Sakyi I’ve got every chance of getting the titles I want.

SB: How much do you know of your opponent Mikey Sakyi? Do you believe he’ll be the toughest test of your pro career so far?

KG: I’ve watched a few videos of his so I’ve got a basic idea of how he operates and no, I think (Tony) Dixon has been the hardest fight of my career, evidenced by him going on to losing a tight decision for an International title out in Italy recently.

SB:Would a rematch with Tony Dixon be something of interest to you further down the line?

KG: Definitely but not until I’m done at this weight.

SB: That that defeat was at 147lb before you moved down to 140lb do you think the lower weight suits you better?

KG: I believe it suits me, I’m bigger at it, feel good at it and I want to make the most out of it before I’m forced to move up again as I grow.

SB: Looking at your most recent victory, a points win over Craig Woodruff for the Welsh super lightweight title, can you breakdown how big of a moment that was for you?

KG: It was great, it was on the biggest show I’ve fought on to date and i feel it gives real credibility to my reign as a national champion, it gives me the confidence moving forward because of how highly I rate Craig as a boxer.

SB: Brilliant, to win a title at that level & moving on to opportunities such as the GC tournament is an inspiring story bouncing back from beginning your career with a draw & a loss…

KG: Yeah it’s all been learning to now and I’ll carry on learning but I can actively feel the development I’ve made since turning pro. And I feel I really understand the game better than I would with a buttered up record.

SB: Can you take us through your camp for this upcoming bout & is there anything in particular you’ve been working on?

KG: I won’t tell you what I’ve been working on but I feel it’ll be an obvious thing for anyone watching my previous fights!! I’m looking to do some sparring with a couple top names and build back to where my concentration and fitness was for the Woodruff fight.

SB: Ah ok, playing your cards close to your chest!

There was a huge fight at your weight last night with the super lightweight unification that saw Josh Taylor defeat Regis Prograis in a war, what was your thoughts on the fight & do you draw inspiration from boxers of that level?

KG: It was a fantastic fight and both carried themselves well after it, I’m a massive fan of Taylor and really hope to do some rounds sparring with him in the future.

They are inspiring in a way, because I hope to get near that level one day.

SB: It was a great fight, if the chance to spar Josh Taylor presented its self that’d be a great opportunity for you!

There’s some really good names domestically at 140lbs & you’re well in the mix, a very exciting time to be involved…

KG: Yeah definitely, I’d love to get the winner of (Akeem) Ennis Brown vs (Phillip) Bowes for the British and Commonwealth and if Akeem wins then his IBF Euro belt too! Be nice to be British, Commonwealth and European champion all in one fight!

SB: That’d be quite the achievement Kieran, it’s refreshingly open to hear your so ambitious & a vision as to where you want to go..

KG: I’ve always planned things out, if things don’t go that way then that’s fine but why not look at the positive outcomes first and go for that, I hope the rest of the country find me refreshing and follow the rest of my career.

SB: Well November 22nd live on Sky Sports provides you the perfect opportunity to let everybody know what you’re all about..

KG: I hope to make a statement!!

SB: Fantastic, Kieran, that’s all my questions answered thanks, is there anything you’d like to add to finish?

KG: Thanks for your time Luke and I hope everyone tuning in enjoys the fight! If you’d like to keep up with other news on my career then just search Kieran Gething on Insta, Twitter and Facebook!

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