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Boxing within ‘The Bubble’ inside the MGM in Las Vegas has thrown up a plethora of possible issues & variables growth boxers, trainers managers & media alike, attempting to defend your world title for the first time in such a scenario adds just another layer of pressure, that was the challenge facing WBA super flyweight champion Andrew Moloney.

The bout with Joshua Franco (16-1-2) also marked the Top Rank debut for Molonley, his twin brother Jason was victorious in his debut 48 hours earlier

Franco scored the upset win, defeating Moloney via a close UD, Luke from SimBoxx recently caught up with the dethroned champion to discuss his experiences in ‘The Bubbe‘ & the plans to regain the world title

How was preparation for your fight in The Bubble, with the whole Covid-19 enforced Lockdown situation what challenges did you face?

I had a great preparation. Once we where in the bubble it was hard to get the exact food and things you would like to have before and after weigh in but we managed as best we could.

Unfortunately the fight didn’t go your way, losing the WBA super flyweight title to Joshua Franco in a close, competitive fight, in your words where do you think the fight was lost?

Yes it was a close fight. I felt I won the first half of the fight but then I had a few issues such as perforating both my ears which made things hard for me in the second half of the fight. I also made a few mistakes which I will correct in the rematch.

How did you find the whole boxing behind closed doors experience?

I really enjoyed the whole experience. It was very different to any fight I’ve had before which made it really exciting.

You recently announce on your social media that you’ve received an immediate rematch with & will have the opportunity to regain your world title, that must be a great motivation for you to get back what was lost?

Yes that’s right. I’m extremely grateful that Top Rank have given me the opportunity to redeem myself and get back my World Title which I worked so hard to get. I’m now more motivated than ever to make sure I win this rematch and get my World Title back.

Your fight with Joshua Franco was your Top Rank debut, along with your brother Jason, how proud are you both of such an achievement to be able to box on a huge platform & work with the most powerful boxing promoter in the world in Bob Arum?

It’s a dream come true to be signed to the biggest and best boxing promotional company in the world. I’m very thankful for the opportunities Top Rank have given myself and my brother Jason and I’m sure this is just the start of a long and successful partnership together.

How long of a break will you allow yourself before heading back to the gym & getting back to work? Is there any part of your game you’ll be working on in particular?

I have just returned to Australia so I am now stuck in hotel quarantine for 2 weeks. Once I get out of here I will head home and get straight back in the gym to start preparing for the rematch. There is a lot of things I will be working on and I’m sure you will see a much better version of myself in this second fight with Franco.

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