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During these unusual times, Simboxx has consistently tried to bring you content from the world of Boxing, however tough it may be. After Luke spoke to Jaime Moore live through Instagram, Ben caught up with new Matchroom signing  and Jaime Moore fighter Aqib Fiaz.

BJ – First of all Aqib, congratulations on your last fight. How was it fighting at the Manchester Arena?

AF -  Thanks Ben. Honestly, it was great, the whole week leading up to it as well. The Press conference, the weigh in and especially the fight. I enjoyed every minute of it, especially as its something I have grown up with. I have spent a lot of time going to the weigh ins and presse events as a fan and to finally be apart of it, well that was special.

BJ – What about the fight itself?

AF – That's when I went to work. Like every other fight I have had. There's a guy in front of me and I have to beat him.

BJ – When we spoke at the press conference, you said you had sold a lot of tickets and being ringside, it was evident. Did that spur you on more?

AF – Yes, I sold a huge amount of tickets and the support was phenomenal. I always like to impress at fights, so knowing there is a crowd behind me really did spur me on.

BJ – Your working closely with Jaime (Moore), were you able to try anything you had been working on?

AF – Almost everything Ben, we were both extremely happy with my performance, purely because we got to try the stuff we have been drilling. Nothings perfect thoiugh, and after the fight we were both ablke to sit down and agree on a few more things we can work on.

BJ – Covid 19 has obviously had an effect on this year, but what's next and how are you keeping busy?

AF – Its a tough time at the moment for all. I need to be ready for whatever is next, so I'm still raining really hard. Ultimately when this is all over, I just want to continue my journey as a Matchroom Fighter. Its what I have worked all my life for.

BJ – Pandemic aside, what does 2020 bring for you?

AF – Simple, more wins!

BJ – If we can get a big fight by the end of the year, who do you want to see?

AF – Like everyone, I want Joshua v Fury, it would be a mega fight.

BJ – Thanks again for your time and stay safe.

AF – Thanks

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