SimBoxx Talks To Barry Jones

He's one of voices we know from boxing. He brings us a solid and reliable opinion from the commentary seat. An ex professional with a passion for boxing, whether it be for Sky, BT, Boxnation or one of Sky's many boxing podcasts. Former Super Featherweight fighter and proud Welshman Barry Jones.

Barry had a professional career of 18-1-1 which unfortunately was cut short by injury. Barry spoke to Ben from Simboxx to talk all things boxing, past and present.

Ben – So Barry, thanks for speaking to me, its something I have wanted to do for a while.

Barry – No Problem Ben, great to chat.

Ben – Hows things? Are you keeping yourself busy during this C-ovid pandemic?

Barry – I have been keeping well. Its frustrating as I havent been as busy I would be usually, but its been great to spend all this time with my family.

Ben – If we start at the beginning. Your career was unfortunately cut short. I’m sure it was difficult, but how did it affect you?

Barry – To be honest, it was a pretty dark time for me. I was on cloud 9 at one minute then I'm at my lowest. It wasn't a gradual thing or something I saw coming, it was a sharp turn of events and I found the emotions pretty hard to deal with.

Ben – I wont press on that time any more, however with all the TV work you do for Sky, BT and so on, does that give you anywhere near the buzz you get from fighting?

Barry – As an ex boxer, its probably the best job you can have in the world. You are so close to something you love and something you have known all your life, but unfortunately cannot do any more. It really brings back the feeling of being back on top of the World.

Ben – Looking at your division and in fact any division, who stands out for you?

Barry – For me the standout fighters across the divisions are – Inoue, Loma, Spence, Crawford, Canelo and our own Tyson Fury.

Ben – If we look at the Super Featherweight division in particular, of all the Champions, in your opinion,, is there one that better than the others?

Barry – For me, Berchelt is the best of the 4. Most people will probably say Santa Cruz and for good reason, however I'm not sure he will be so effective at this weight as he's come up from Feather and Super Bantam. There is though, a lot of hype around Jamel Herrig, though the Frampton fight will tell us how good he is. We are though talking in the highest level and they are all fantastic fighters in their own right.

Ben – You fought in Cardiff, AJ has fought there and Selby is due to fight there. Being a Welshman myself, Im interested to know if you think we will ever have another Welshman, bring the fights to the capital, like the way Josh Warrington brings the city of Leeds out?

Barry – Yes, I can see a certain Liam Williams doing it. He is on the verge of a World Title, he's a proven Ticket seller in Cardiff and well liked by fans. However, there is one person that can really capture the imagination of Cardiff fans and thats Joe Cordina. He has the looks and a fan friendly style plus he's from the city.

Ben – Yes, Joe is a real talent and we have spoken to Liam before so know he's about to come good. I know your busy and need to dash, so finally, after C-ovid, whats next for you this year?

Barry – Really don't know Ben. I work for a few outlets but at the end of the day I'm a Freelancer. It lays in the hads of the companies and hope that they want to get me back on board.

Ben – Great stuff Barry, Thanks for your time.

Barry – Cheers Mate.

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