SimBoxx Talks To Billy Nelson

Luke spoke to trainer Billy Nelson to discuss his heavyweight Martin Bakole‘s upcoming clash with Sergey Kuzmin, scheduled to be a part of the Dillian Whyte vs Alexander Povetkin undercard, August 22nd.

The enforced lockdown period provided a minefield of opportunities for boxers to forego their usual high standards of discipline & maybe enjoy a more relaxed approach to live with little to no news on a return to the boxing ring on the horizon, when this was to put to Billy in regards to Bakole’s attitude he replied ‘Martin was pretty active during lockdown, running, sprints & circuits’

’He‘s put on weight as you’d expect‘ he added, a statement many a boxer will find themselves secretly agreeing to!

Heavyweight action in usual times ensures bums on seats but the foreseeable future has boxing confined to the abnormal settings of Eddie Hearn‘s vast gardens at the Matchroom HQ is that a cause for concern? Not for Billy Nelson ‘Boxing with another crowd won’t affect Martin, at the end of the day it’s a fight & he’s a professional so you get on with it’

With 4 straight KO victories for Bakole a win inside the distance would be the obvious route of victory, ‘No, if the KO comes then great, it’s a bonus’ explained Nelson, though a KO ratio of 75% is testament to undoubted punching power for the towering DR Congo born slugger.

Although if hits you regularly you’re going to get to get stopped!’ added a confident Nelson.

With 20 fights announced across 4 Fight Weeks in Fight Camp there’s an array of choices for the Best Fight award but Nelson is in no doubt of his choice to claim that title ‘In my opinion this (Bakole v Kuzmin) has the makings for the best fight across the 4 weeks, Kuzmin has strengths & weaknesse’ when pressed to expand, Nelson was as coy as ever ‘I‘ll keep them to myself & work on them in camp’

And plans for the rest of 2020?... ‘That would be overlooking Kuzmin, he has our full attention‘

Fight Camp promises to be an riveting watch & one we have no prior expectations of what to expect, you can find the Martin Bakole v Sergey Kuzmin bout on week 4, August 22nd.

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