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Blane Hyland is a 3-0 professional, who I was lucky enough to get to see make his debut at Liverpool Olympia on the undercard of Rocky Fieldings obliteration of Paziwapzi. What I took from that night was, aside from his obvious brilliant boxing skills, the way he just turned the crowd off and got down to business as soon as the bell went.

SB: Hi Blane, how’s lockdown been and have you been managing to get some training in?

BH: Hi mate, lock down hasnt changed much for me, when in camp I go on lock down and concentrate on my training but I have  enjoyed spending quality time with family and been getting good sessions in through out the lockdown.

SB: That’s good then mate, best of both worlds really, family time and still training. It’s good to see you keeping the motivation. What is your stance on fighting during lockdown, if the opportunity arises? BH: Yeah mate am looking forward to getting back in there to be honest, it's what av done since i was 12 years old, even if it is behind closed doors it will be a new experience, but just looking forward to getting a date and going from there.

SB: To be fair, when I came to your debut, your announcement was probably the second biggest cheer of the night behind Rocky and you didn’t seem to get fazed by it and rush your work, which I thought was impressive. So I think you’d adapt to shows without a crowd, no problem. Is a fan base something you’ve brought from the amateurs? BH: Yeah mate having the crowd behind me is great, I love the support I get from my fans am happy to put a show on for them, and yeah a lot of them followed me around the UK in the amateurs and have continued to do so when I turned over which am grateful for the support they have showed me. yeah I don’t think it will faze me as much if it goes behind closed doors because I no inside me, for every fight I prepare for I leave no stone un turned and give 110% in camp. The hard work is done weeks before fight night I just have to turn up and enjoy the experience.

SB: Love that attitude and mentality mate. I’ve been banging your drum myself and I actually have a list of boxers to watch and your on there. I was in awe of how you just flipped the switch and got down to business when the bell went. Have you got a map of how you want to progress over the next year, when the sports back? BH: To be honest mate when the sports back to normal and dates start coming in am looking forward to stepping up in rounds gaining experience and I will let my dad, my coach paul Edward's and mtk global decide on the route we want to go, as a fighter u will fight anyone around your weight, that's why you have to create a good team around you and let them decide what's next and I will just concentrate on getting my self ready for what's next.

SB: Best way really mate, there’s no rush and as Bellew has always said, fighters need saving from themselves by a good team.Theres some brilliant fights in the future, whether that’s super fly or bantam there’s some very good British fighters like Sunny Edward, Kal Yafai, Ryan Farrag and even the likes Khademi and Butler at super fly and McGregor, Butler, Farooq etc. at bantam. There’s a definite career path for you there and with your dad being involved, you know he will only do the best for you. Who was your boxing inspiration? Obviously being from Liverpool, there’s a long list of legends.

BH: Yeah 100% mate looking forward to seeing what the future brings I rekon I could fly weight also mate, so got a good choice of fights to take at fly,super fly and maybe bantam in the future, but we will just have to wait and see what the future holds in store, yeah the city has and had some great fighters mate, my dad gives me alot of advice my coach paul Edward's former British champion also does so it's great to speak to them everyday and try and take as much of thereexperience in as possible mate.

SB: That’s it mate, keep your options open, but Britain are bringing through some brilliant fighters at the lower weights and I’ll be keen to watch you test yourself against them. When you’re back, I’d love to come up to the gym and do a face to face interview, if you’re up for it mate?

BH: Yeah not a problem mate any time, just send me a message and we can sort it out mate, could u mention @mtkglobal @kosportsuk @ko_twinsuk @openmediauk @enzonutrition_  on the write up mate just me sponsors and MTK, thanks mate.

SB: Yeah of course. I’ll tag them all in the post too. Thanks for your time mate, stay safe and good luck in your career mate. BH: Course mate pleasure speaking with u mate, and you mate stay safe and thankyou, anytime u need anything let me no 👍👊 SB: Thanks mate 👍

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