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Liverpool is & always will be a fighting city that possesses a steep history of world class boxers, one only has to look at the Smith bros, Tony Bellew, John Conteh for a smidge of evidence, if any was ever needed away from the bright lights of the TV cameras & the glitz & glamour of the big arenas there a plethora of young, hungry fighters ready to break through on to the next level, featherweight Brian Phillips is one such fighter & Luke Carney spoke to him recently…..

LC: Hi Brian, thanks for agreeing to speak to SimBoxx, obviously everything is a bit up in the air at the minute amid the Covid-19 situation, how are you keeping yourself fit & busy during lockdown?

BP: I have totally switched off from boxing, I boxed October, December (last year) and February (this year), all tough camps and against lads coming to win. I was meant to box again 18th April (3weeks) but my body has been in bits and had a niggle in my shoulder and hands so using this time to relax, regroup and repair.

LC: Sounds like the perfect time to be able to get over any little niggles as you say & hopefully set up a big end to 2020 once everything’s back up & running…

BP: Yes, going to get back on the running and eating good next week. Only finished the gym Friday (this time last week) good week off. Next fight pencilled in for the Central Area title vs Zeeshan Khan.

LC: Brilliant, what’s your thoughts on Zeeshan Khan as opponent & how much would it mean to you to get your hands your first title as a pro boxer?

BP: My thoughts on Zeeshan Khan as an a opponent; he’s in my way and am going to punch his head clean off and rip that title away and celebrate it, like I already feel I am worthy of being the champion already!

LC: If we can just rewind a little to get a bit of a back story from you Brian, for those that may not know the whole story, you turned pro 2017, was there an amateur background before that?

BP: Yes, 48 amateur bouts, boxed for the two best clubs in Liverpool the Rotund ABC and Everton Red Triangle but I always wanted to turn pro, top level amateurs & Olympics never appealed to me.

LC: Making your debut in your home city on a huge card headlined by a fellow Scouser in Callum Smith & to top it off you got the stoppage win, first fight don’t get much better…

BP: It certainly does not get better, laying punishment out 5 mins away from my house & in front of all my loved ones!

LC: You went on to win your first four bouts heading into the fight with fellow unbeaten prospect Nick Ball, unfortunately you suffered your first defeat, what lessons did you learn from that bout & do you feel improved as a boxer on the back of it?

BP: I learnt I had big balls! Everyone else out there padding their records up, I feel like I improve every time I go to the gym, if your not learning new stuff then there is no point . If you think you know it all you’re in the wrong game!

LC: Do you ever envisage chasing the rematch with Nick further down the line?

BP: I would fight any man. I think if me and Nick get it on again we should do it for good money and a British title.

LC: That’s be a great fight down the line, on the back of that loss you have rattled off 5 consecutive victories, does any one of those wins stand out above the rest to you?

BP: No, none of them stand out they all mean the same, keep winning and progressing and get titles and climb the ladder.

BP: Carl Frampton, Jazza Dickens, Ryan Walsh, Isaac Lowe, Jordan Gill, they’re brilliant fighters that I’ve had the pleasure to spar and it give me great confidence.

LC: Some great names, how do you feel you faired during those sparring sessions?

BP: Brilliant, I’ve been asked back by Frampton and Jazza over and over again, I went out to America as part of Isaac Lowe’s camp so Iyar have been doing something good!

LC: Take us through the experience of being part of Isaac Lowe’s camp, I’m sure you picked up some invaluable insights..

BP: Sparred Isaac in Manchester then they asked me to go over to Big Bear which was a brilliant experience, the next camp they asked me back in Manchester. I learnt a lot how to live the life, top class.

LC: Excellent, it’s been a fascinating chat with you Brian, if it’s ok with you I’d like to finish with ‘5 to Finish’ five rapid fire questions

1. Biggest inspiration?

BP: My past

2. Favourite fight of your career?

BP: Waqas Muhammad, my first 6 rounder

3. Dream opponent?

BP: Floyd Mayweather Jr

4. All time favourite boxer?

BP: Floyd Mayweather Jr

5. All time favourite fight?

BP: Canelo v Golovkin 2

LC: And to finish Brian is there anything you’d like to add? Anyone you’d like to give a shout out too etc?

BP: I’d like to give a shout out to you for taking the time to ask me questions. Thank you Luke.

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