Simboxx Talks To – Callen McAulay

Lee Clayton recently caught up with Callen a McAulay, the undefeated Scottish super lightweight

LC: Hi Callen, thanks for taking your time to talk to us at Simboxx!

I have to start with the topic on everyone’s mind at the moment. How are you finding that the current lockdown has affected your training and motivation?

CM: Hi mate, no problem, well actually it’s not really effected me too much I recently had an operation on my left hand to remove a wire I got put in it in December, so I’ve had to give my hand time to recover and restrengthen anyways I had that op at the end of Feb and my hands still not fully recovered so I’m still not able to punch with it yet! Hopefully that’s it sorted now tho as my last fight was last March! Other than that I’ve been running and cycling, I got myself a road bike and have been going out cycle on that which has been good and then just any circuit work I can do i the house or garden etc been doing that!

LC: Good to hear your still keeping your fitness up and on the road to recovery. What was the issue with your hand and how did the injury come about? I had problems with my hands during my career, are you expecting to make full recovery following the operation?

CM: Well in my last fight in March 2019 knocked the boy out in the first round and broke it then it’s my 5th metacarpal that fractured the boxers fracture it’s known as, healed up after that then it broke again in sparring (exact same place) so there was obviously a weakness there so let it heal up then got an operation to straighten it out so that’s it now hopefully sorted and will be good to go not going to rush it though as I want to make sure it’s 100% ready before I punch!

LC: Same injury as i had and making a wise choice by letting your hand fully recover first. With you still undefeated amd now at 7/0 are you looking to move to title shots in the near future? And how far do you believe you can take your career?

CM: Yeh definitely I want to get into the mix of things straight away once my hand is better, whenever I spar with people who are champions or are getting in good 50/50 fights I’m doing very well, I feel like I’m skilled enough to go pretty far but it’s all about chances and luck really being from Scotland I suppose, but I think a British title is a realistic goal. Skills and talent wise if I got the right chances etc I feel I could go far

LC: Same reason i started boxing, except i started a little later at 21 years old. Some achievements as an amateur there, well done. Who would you compare your style to as a boxer and is there any boxer you try to model yourself on??

CM: Yeh it’s definitely good for the fitness side of stuff even to compliment another sport, style wise I’m a tall rangey power counter puncher id say, but can also pressure well using head movement etc, I’d say Josh Taylor is a Scottish boxer my style is similar to. My strong point is my footwork and defence using my footwork, something that’s been drilled in from a young age I’m very hard to hit and people can’t get near my quote often due to my good footwork!

LC: Footwork is always a great asset for any boxer. On the point of other boxers is there any boxer in particular that got you interested into the sport and who is your favourite of all time?

CM: Never really watched boxing before I started to be honest I like gervonta Davis and Errol spence the most currently as well as the obvious one lomanchenko

LC: Some great fighters and Lomachenko is on another level!! With you not really being a massive fan before you began boxing is there another sport or interests you have away from boxing?

CM: Mainly just my uni really mate, lot of my time goes into studying etc just finished up for summer there basically and that’s me done uni that was my 5th year so got a masters at just 21 years old so most of my time goes to boxing and studying hahaha!

LC: Obviously an intelligent guy then! What is it you was studying and is it something your looking to work in alongside your boxing or when you retire?

CM: I’m studying electrical and electronic engineering at strathclyde uni, and yeh I’ve got a graduate job lined up for September with SSE so gonna be starting work then and will train aswell

I’m not unrealistic and my job is obviously where I’ll get my income from as in Scotland the money isn’t great for boxing that’s why you need to get these chances

LC: Thats a very wise outlook to have and one i believe will take you very far. It’s been great speaking to you and getting an insight into your life. If you dont mind i’d just like to finish with a quickfire question round..

1 – Biggest Inspiration?

Tbh wouldn’t say I really have an inspiration, I just work hard and give everything I do 100% and make sure I get where I want to be haha!

2 – Your dream fight and opponent?

Id like a good 50/50 fight for a title where the other fighter brings a good support and the two crowds get involved and create a good atmosphere

3 – All time favourite fight?

I watched prince Naseem vs Kevin kelley a month or so ago and really enjoyed that

4 – Favourite fight of your career?

my first knockout id say there was a great atmosphere and got the knockout in the first round

5 – Favourite meal/restaurant?

nandos, and chicken wraps from Peru Peri places haha

6 – Something not many people know about you?

Never touched any sort of alcohol or drugs

LC: Thanks so much for your time it’s been a pleasure speaking to you, good luck with your career and life.

CM: Quality, no probs mate.

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