SimBoxx Talks To Dorian Darch

A welcome return to my SimBoxx Talks To articles, just in time for the new season of boxing and this time I have the pleasure of speaking to Welsh heavyweight boxer Dorian Darch….

SB: Hi Dorian, thanks for taking the time to talk to SimBoxx, I’ve seen you’ve got a fight coming up in September, can you tell us a bit about that?

DD: Ellis Machin, its nice to have alot of notice for a change and it’s a winnable fight if I’m fit.

SB: Ellis Machin has an undefeated record (3-0-1) but is considerably less experienced than yourself, do you believe that’s a big for yourself heading into the fight?

DD: He is probably equally experienced as me if not more if I’m honest as I only had 11 amateur fights. I see on social media that he has all top sparring which has been non existent in my boxing career because of work and where I live (Wales).

SB: You mentioned earlier that you’ve had plenty of notice for this fight, how’s camp/training been?

DD: I’ve only started this week if I’m honest. I’m never fat or out of shape as I do weights 3 times a week regardless of if I have a fight or not but I’ve got 6 weeks now to get my fitness up. When I haven’t got a fight I just normally do 6 rounds on a Saturday morning after my weights session.

SB: Brill, in your most recent bout against Simon Vallily (a 2nd round stoppage defeat) you suffered a bad cut above the eye, a cut that lead to the ref stopping the bout, have you made a full recovery & what was your thoughts on the fight?

DD: Yes it’s all healed up was only 4 stitches just in a bad place as blood was going in to my eye, I thought I was doing alright (up until that point) I don’t think he’s big enough for heavyweight. I think it’s wrong that there is a (rise in) weight every 3 or 4lbs at the lower weights but then when you get to 12st 7lb and above the weight classes just jump up. I think it would be fairer if there was a weight class between cruiserweight and heavyweight.

SB:Good to hear it’s all cleared up,

Simon Vallily of course moving up from cruiser to heavy & that seems to be a popular move with boxers such as Alexander Usyk & Murat Gassiev moving up recently but I think it’s important that they’re moving up for the correct reasons & not just because they can’t move weight..

DD: Valilly is very big but slight (in build) I can’t see how he made cruiserweight for so long must have killed him, he is taller than me. I think there should be a weight around 15st 7lb called ‘heavyweight’ then anything over that is ‘super heavyweight’.

SB:That could be a sensible idea Dorian, you could be on to something…

DD:Would give the 6’2 blokes amongst us hope.

SB:With you often getting fights on short notice and having a job away from the sport of boxing, can you take us through how you keep yourself motivated as your often the away fighter with majority of the crowd against you..

DD: It doesn’t bother me if I’m honest as there is only 2 of you in the ring. It is frustrating sometimes when you think you could beat the opponent if you were fitter but out of my 10 losses 5 of them would have beaten me even if I had trained 24 hours a day!

SB: Have you ever considered taking up boxing full to be able to train full camps & enter the ring as close to 100% as possible to alleviate the frustration you mentioned?

Can you name those 5 boxers you believe you’d have lost to no matter what?

DD: No I realised when I fought Lewison I wasn’t good enough,

Ian Lewison, Hughie Fury, Anthony Joshua, Eddie Chambers and Daniel Dubois.

SB: It’s quite the resume you’ve got Dorian, boxing some of the very best prospects that have gone to win titles at British, Commonwealth, European & world titles, it must be something you’re extremely proud of?

DD: I don’t look at it like that if I’m honest it just pays for nice holidays!

SB: That’s one way to look at it, is that your outlook on the sport moving forward, to make as much money as possible before calling it a day?

DD: Yes it’s probably my last 2 seasons now so I just want to be out every 4 to 6 weeks if possible hence why I’ve switched managers to Lockett.

SB: And finally Dorian, as a heavyweight boxer yourself, can I get your opinion on the recently announced Andy Ruiz v Anthony Joshua rematch, Anthony Joshua of course a former foe of yours…

DD: I would have never have predicted the Ruiz win in the 1st fight but now after seeing it I think he’s all wrong for Joshua and I can see a repeat in the rematch with a good chin, high work rate and his fast hands.

SB: I think we can all agree that 99% of the boxing world didn’t see that first fight ending the way it did, interesting to hear your predictions for Andy Ruiz to win the rematch!

Thanks for you time Dorian & the very best of luck for you upcoming bout!

Interview written & conducted by Luke Carney for SimBoxx👊🥊

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