SimBoxx Talks To Jazza Dickens

Luke caught up with Jazza to discuss his thoughts on the tournament & his future aspirations…

LC: So we know you’ll be part of the Golden Contract featherweight semi finals after your victory against Carlos Ramos, can I get your thoughts on your performance in the quarter finals & picking up that win?

JD: No change, still focused on winning the tournament, it was always a 3 fight deal, no.2 doesn’t prosper. So I’m 1/3 of the way through.

JD: Activity, challenges, money, massive media platform, everything I could ask for.

LC: How have you adjusted camp & your mindset in regards to the aspect of not knowing your opponent until fight week? How does that affect you?

JD: I always train to be the best at what I do. If I can’t beat them by being the best version of myself I can live with that. I am happy they don’t get a chance to train based on me 100%. Although I know they will be focused on me mostly.

LC: What’s your opinion on the your 3 other rivals in the tournament & how they faired in their respective quarter finals? Is there anyone in particular you’d like to box in the semi final?

JD: I think all the boxers done very well! It was a week I’ll never forget, I think the concept has legs and will be around for a very long time. I’m very excited to go again and the opposition will depend on fate, I love it!

LC: The fact that MTK have decided to show the featherweight & super lightweight semifinals on one big bumper card has afforded the boxers an even bigger platform on which to perform, as you say exciting times…

JD: Yes MTK, Skysports and espn have pumped a lot of money into these 3 events. The proof is in the pudding, you get what you pay for. I’m very grateful to be in this position and I have to thank everyone around me who has made it possible. When I train I think about us all and want to stand out, on behalf of us all. There’s so much support from so many different parts of the UK and other countries, I am living the dream.

LC: Can you take us through camp & your preparation for Feb 21st, is there anything you’ve been working on in particular or trying to improve?

JD: My morning starts at 5:30, I run 7.5miles on the Everton hills, with my coach George, then gym at 12pm, that’s pads & bags or sparring with George and Derry Mathews. We finish with skipping and circuit training, Tuesday and Thursday at 4pm I train S&C at the Liverpool John moores university with Carl Evans. That’s Mon-Fri. I only train once on Saturday, and always rest on Sunday’s. I’m working on everything, every day it’s something new for me I love to try new things. My power has increased massively at the university but we are working on explosive drills.

LC: Fantastic, really good to hear Jazza, of course the team at SimBoxx wishes you the best of luck in the remainder of the tournament

Thanks for your time Jazza much appreciated, is there anything you’d like to add to finish?

JD: Just a massive thankyou to every who supports me, MTK, my manager Tony Bellew, my coaches Derry & George and my sponsors.

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