SimBoxx Talks to Joe Hughes…

I recently caught up with former European, English, IBO international and Southern Area super lightweight champion Joe Hughes….

SB: Hi Joe, thanks for taking time out to talk to SimBoxx, first off, can you just give us your thoughts looking back at your most recent bout with Robbie Davies Jr, a points loss in a British & European super lightweight title bout…

JH: Pretty frustrating, watching it back I thought I had it by a few rounds, it seems as if 80-90% of social media thought I won, pretty much all the Sky pundits on the night, boxing websites and magazine write ups mostly had me winning the fight. Yet I didn’t get the decision and a rematch isn’t looking likely at the moment.

SB: It seem the general feeling that you had done enough to get the W Joe, you started the fight really strong and seemed to stretch into a healthy lead, you mentioned the rematch not looking likely, can you expand on that?

JH: Thank you, just that we haven’t heard anything from Matchroom regarding it yet despite (Eddie) Hearn saying at the time he also thought I’d nicked the fight and it hasn’t been ordered officially by the BBBOC or the EBU despite the controversy around the decision so I don’t see it happening in the immediate future. That is the fight I’d like next though.

SB: If that rematch doesn’t materialise next, is there anything else you have lined up or a fight that interests you?

JH: I would like the biggest fight possible, with Matchroom putting on a lot of shows in the USA I’d be very interested in boxing on one of those as boxing in the states is definitely something I’d like to do, a good opponent I think would be Chris Algieri, coming off of his win over Tommy Coyle and with him unable to go straight for a world title fight as all the champions have fights coming up, I think it makes sense.

SB: Great to hear how ambitious you are Joe and the fact you’re willing to travel to get the biggest fights and opportunities, Chris Algieiri v Joe Hughes certainly has a ring to it and would be a very fan friendly fight, there’s a lot of solid fighters at 140lbs both domestically and internationally right from the top, elite level champions through to the fringe contenders..

JH: Yeah definitely there are a lot of good fighters at the weight. Ive had a few fights at European level now and I’d like to keep pushing forward and test myself at world level, I’ve never been fazed travelling to my opponents back yards and I’m sure boxing in the USA would be a great experience.

SB:Looking back over your career to this point Joe and you’ve won European, English, IBO international and southern area titles but what moment in your career are you most proud of?

JH: That would have to be winning the European, going over to Italy as the underdog and coming away with the title will definitely be a hard one to top.

JH:We obviously spoke (to SimBoxx) a couple of weeks ago about potential fights, I actually got offered a fight against Lewis Ritson for July 6th (in Manchester). Unfortunately it’s a bit too short notice but definitely a fight I’d be interested in with reasonable notice.

SB:With more time to prepare would a fight with Lewis Ritson interest you?

JH: Yes definitely, I think it would be a cracking fight, he’s obviously a fan friendly fighter, big puncher and usually in exciting fights and I think our styles would match well for an exciting fight. I’m sure it would be easy to make as well.

SB: Hopefully that’s a fight that can be made for later in the year!

Is there anything else lined up?

JH: Yes I think that would be a good one. No, nothing at the moment unfortunately.

SB: With no upcoming bouts planned just yet, in an ideal world if you could map out the rest of the year, which 2 realistic bouts would you choose to have if you could make them?

JH: In an ideal world it would be a rematch with Robbie Davies Jr for the British and European belts again, then a world title fight with the winner of (Maurice) Hooker vs (Jose Carlos) Ramirez, not sure how realistic that is at this moment in time but those would definitely be my number one choices.

SB: Can I get your thoughts on a few upcoming fights in your weight class?

This Friday we have the return of Ohara Davies, in with Miguel Vazquez

We’ll also have the huge WBSS super lightweight final between IBF Champion Josh Taylor & WBA champ Regis Prograis, hopefully later on this year.

JH: Yes, I think Davies will come out on top against Vazquez, he’s a good opponent but past his best, I think Davies could take him out with his power if he’s on form.

I think Taylor will beat Prograis, possibly in his toughest fight so far but I think he will get the win.

SB: Two great fights there,

As always Joe, thanks for your time, it’s much appreciated!

JH: Thank you.

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