SimBoxx Talks To Jon Pegg

The content just keeps coming. Top trainer, hater of aeroplanes and aspiring film maker Jon Pegg gave time on his lockdown Sunday to speak to Ben at SimBoxx

BJ – First of all Jon, thanks for your time. This Covid 19 has put a delay on Sam Eggington’s next fight. How had camp being going and how is Sam coping?

JP – Camp had gone pretty much as planned and as previous. Weight is in a much better place. He’s coping well as he’s very much a stay at home with wife and kids guy, So its not bothered him much to be honest.

BJ – Apart from Sam’s fight, has this all had any other effects? Gym closed etc?

JP – We shut the gym early. We had 4 shows planned throughout March and April in Birmingham and I had 10 lads on the channel 5 show. Obviously with what’s going on at the moment it isn’t an issue. Looking to the future, I can see that when all is back to normal, things we saw as a problem before will be a welcome break to our current situation.

BJ – I heard a story that you made a venture into the movie business? Is it true and any other plans to do it again?

JP – Well, its a hobby of mine thats turned into something a bit more. I have just created a pilot for a series thats doing well on the film festival circuit. I’d love to get the green light for something bigger. Strangely enough, its an end of the world scenario and how a group of strangers cope with isolation.

BJ – Recently listened to you on an episode of Macklin’s Take podcast, is your fear of flying really that bad?

JP – Yes it really is that bad. Recently I drove 1200 miles rather than fly 2 hours. I’ve flew twice in the last 20 odd years. Its really not something I like.

BJ – Finally, when all is normal, what’s the plan for 2020?

JP – Just back to the grind, making champions, teaching kids how to be their best. Hopefully win a few more film festivals!

BJ – Thank you so much Jon. Take it easy and please send me that link to series!

JP – Your welcome.

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