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2020 will forever be remembered as the year of the pandemic, the year ravaged by Covid 19 & boxing wasn’t excused from the chaos, disruption & worry all aspects of life were faced with, as a result promoters have had to be creative in their ways of delivering shows, be it behind closed doors or in the Matchroom gardens we’ve seen it all but the Friday night we see something even more unique - ‘Straightener In The Carpark’ from Dennis Hobson, a drive in boxing event.

Unbeaten prospect Josh Holmes fights on the card & Luke caught up with him recently...

Hi Josh, you’re boxing this Friday, in quite a unique environment, ‘Straightener In The Carpark’ which is a drive in boxing show, what are your expectations of the experience?

I’ve only seen pictures of the stage going up so far but it looks like it’s going to be a top event, it’s different to any show I’ve been on before obviously because it’s the first drive in boxing show so it could feel a little weird but I like the fact it’s totally different to any other show.

You’ve been out of the ring for 14 months, a points win back in November 2019 against Jamie Quinn, how eager are you to get back in between the ropes?

It feels like I’ve been out of the ring way too long now so I’m absolutely buzzing to be able to get out before the year is out which I never thought I would just a few weeks ago.

How has camp been for this fight? You look in fantastic shape, have you been training throughout the pandemic?

Camp has gone really well, suppose you can’t really call it a camp because I’ve been training all year round throughout the pandemic and staying ready incase of an opportunity came up, and I think that shows with the shape I’m in after only having a few weeks notice of the fight!

This weekend we see the return of fans to boxing within arenas starting with Anthony Joshua v Kubrat Pulev, how important a moment do you think this is as we try to get back to normality in 2021?

I think it’s really important fans get back to boxing, they are what keeps the sport running. We can’t have behind closed doors boxing forever it just isn’t the same, we as boxers thrive off the atmosphere it’s what the sport is all about. It’s a step in the right direction though with them letting a few in to watch the AJ Pulev fight!

You’ve amassed a 4-0 record & have been coming up through the small hall circuit, was there ever a worry you might walk away from boxing due to a lack of opportunities & the worry small hall boxing may not return for a long time?

There’s never been a worry I’ll have to walk away from the sport, I know it will all return to normal soon enough I just always keep a positive mindset and concentrate on keeping myself in the best shape and learning my craft.

Can we get a prediction for the fight this Friday & also how you’d see 2021 going for you in an ideal world?

I see myself getting my first stoppage of my career, I’ve trained so hard all year and I feel in the best shape to date. I’ve got this opportunity so I want to show people what I’m really about and finish the year on a big high! I’d hope 2021 we can get the crowds back to normal so I can keep busy and hopefully move to 10-0 with a central area title at least by the end of the year

Thanks Josh, best of luck!

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