SimBoxx Talks To Lee Eaton

With MTK Global growing at a rate of knots, the success of the Golden Contract on Sky Sports and the platform of IFLTV, we though it only right to speak to one of the main men on the ground. Ben from SimBoxx spoke to promoter Lee Eaton.

BJ – So Lee, thanks for your time. You’re a promoter for MTK Global. How did you end up with that role? And how would you say it compares to other things you have done?

LE – I was helping a good friend of mine, John Wayne Hibbert, promoting his fights and selling tickets. I got involved in a White Collar event in memory of of a good mate Ben Adair. Ended up doing 50 + events. During the John Wayne Hibbert vs Tommy Martin fight I met up up with MTK. Few drinks and chewed their ears off. A couple of months later, had a meeting with them and here we are now, 3 and a bit years later. Its flying!.

BJ – MTK seems to be in a really good place at the moment, gyms popping up everywhere, shows in most the big cities. How big do you think it can go?

LE – The truth is, I have no idea. The growth has been unreal in the last 3 years and I can only see it increasing. MTK do a lot of good things for their fighters, workers and community. I’m really proud to be a part.

BJ – The Golden Contract has been really good, the link up with SKY Sports especially. Are there more shows like this lined up? And what kind of viewing figures do you get from the streamed shows?

LE – Not sure what the future holds to be honest, but it has been a great concept. Fighters and fans have enjoyed it and that’ the main thing. As for the viewing figures, they are better than they have ever been on IFLTV and the growth continues, MTK and the fighters are lucky to have such a platform. I’m excited to get started again after this current nightmare.

BJ – Who recently have you enjoyed watching , whether its be an MTK show or not and where do you see them going?

LE – There’s that much boxing on, I dont get a lot of time to watch it, apart from the MTK stuff really. There’s one particular fighter at the moment I really like and I mentioned him on Instagram the other day, that’s Israel Madrimiov. You should check him out!

BJ – Final question and I’ll let you go, after all the Covid-19 is over, what’s the fight we need to see and why?

LE – So many to choose from, you obviously have Fury AJ, but there’s Yafai v Edwards, Buatsi v Yarde, JJ Metcalf vs Fitzgerald, Connor Benn v Josh Kelly. The list is endless.

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