SimBoxx Talks To Luther Clay

Born in South Africa & boxing out of Bracknell, Welterweight contender Luther Clay has compiled a professional record of eleven wins & just one defeat with five wins coming via KO, I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Luther ahead of his appearance on the Matchroom Italy card, Thursday September 19th

SB: Hi Luther, you have your next bout coming up on the Matchroom Italy show, 19th September, against the undefeated Dario Morello, your thoughts on your opponent?

LC: No real thoughts on Dario, he looks like an awkward, switch hitter who primarily boxes out of the southpaw stance. I don’t have a plan just but I have all the weapons needed to deal with him.

SB: You managed to score a TKO victory in you most recent bout (v O’Shane Clark), will you be looking to for a KO here or do you see this fight going the distance?

LC: I always train with intent to hurt and finish my opponent and be able to be in shape to go the distance, just a matter of how the fight plays out. I would like to finish the fight with a KO for sure.

SB: Good to hear Luther, speaking of training, how’s camp been? Is there any particular aspects of your game you’ve worked on in preparation for this fight?

LC: Nothing particular, just working on tightening my technique, improve defence, not changed much in my style just worked on improving all round.

SB: You’ve fought across Europe during your career, how do you feel about boxing in Italy on a big Matchroom card that will be televised on Sky Sports?

LC: Yes it was great experience, prepared me for fighting away in front of foreign crowds. Yes it’s very exciting to be fighting on a matchroom card because it is exposure could lead to more opportunities, however I’m Just going to stay focused and not think to much about it.

SB: It’s good to hear how focused you are Luther & fighting on these away bills as the away fighter can only help solidify your mindset for future bouts…

LC: Without doubt, I’m sure I’ll win the home crowd over and get the win.

SB: Since your sole career defeat back in 2017 you’ve notched up six consecutive wins & sit inside the top twenty British rankings, there’s some big names that be potential opponents if things continue to build..

LC: Yeah there’s good fights to be made in the future, I will continue getting my experience, developing as a fighter, rising up the rankings and I’m sure within the next 12/18 months will be there for marketable and good fights.

SB: Is there anyone in particular you’d like to target? I’ve seen your name loosely linked with Conor Benn previously

LC: I don’t really care at this point I’m focused on myself, yeah my names been linked with his (Benn) through boxing writers just as many boxers have. I think people want to see him fight a (rival) domestic fighter.

SB: Understandable Luther, as you’ve mentioned continuing your winning streak & climbing the rankings will force these kind of fights further down the line, Can you tell us a little about your last fight, as mentioned it was a tko victory over Oshane Clark..

LC: Yes definitely will all in due time and it was a little local rivalry spanning a year or so when he had originally called me out. Was good to finish that chapter. The fight didn’t do much for me but get a local clout, I thought the fight would be harder but was relatively straight forward. Probably because I’ve had (more) experience and fought tougher opposition than him.

SB: Brilliant, it’s always nice to get the wins in those little local domestic rivalries before progressing & moving up the level of opposition

SB: That’s all my questions answered thanks Luther, is there anything you’d like to add before we finish?

LC: For the British boxing fans and especially in Berkshire please tune in and enjoy the fight. Thank you for the interview.

Interview written & conducted by Luke Carney of SimBoxx

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