SimBoxx Talks To Marcus Morrison

SimBoxx are at it again! This time Ben catches up with Manchester lad Marcus Morrison. The Joe Gallagher fighter talks small halls, defeat and what its like to train at the famous Bolton gym.

BJ – Big start to the year Marcus, nearly 12 months out and a win on Joe’s M22 Promotion show. How was it being back in the ring?

MM – Its always nervy getting back in the ring after a long time out. Coming off a good win in Italy, I was really looking forward to Joe’s show. It was nice to get it there and get it done early.

BJ – You have fought now on a couple of smaller shows, I always like to ask how it compares to the bigger ones, does your attitude and training adjust?

MM – Being honest, I have had to learn the hard way that regardless of show or promotion, you have to prepare and give 100% physically and mentally. I have enjoyed flying under the radar on the smaller shows, used them to rebuild. Don’t get me wrong though, I cantw ait to get under the big lights.

BJ – In 2018, you suffered a loss to Warren on one of Kieran Farrell’s shows, before that you had won 2 on the bounce. How was that to take?

MM – Like I just said, I have learnt the hard way about preparation. Being honest with you Ben, I wasn’t 100% going into that one, not even close. I had some stuff going on in my life and I learnt the hard way.

BJ – How has the Corona Virus affected your year?

MM – Its really crazy whats happening, caught everyone off guard. Had it not happen, I would of liked to been out in May in a big domestic fight. This whole nightmare has thrown a right spanner in the works, however I’m sure it will all fix itself soon and hopefully I can get back to picking more titles up towards the end of the year.

BJ – To finish, I have read a lot about Gallagher’s gym. What is it like to train there? Is Joe as scary as he seems? Does Crolla take ages to get ready? And is the music choice as bad as I have heard?

MM – Haha!! I really love training there. Everyone has a proper buzz but know when its time to work, You’ll struggle to find a a better set of lads (and Tash of course). No, Joe isn’t scary, a true professional and a great trainer, he’ll go the extra mile for his fighters. You’d think Anthony takes ages to get ready with his snappy dress sense and colour co-ordination but he doesn’t, just a naturally cool guy. Joe is in charge of music, all his play lists. Im not going to lie though, I actually like his choice in Music. (There is the odd track you’d like to skip)

BJ – Brilliant stuff Marcus.

MM – Thanks mate.

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