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For today’s Simboxx Talks To we talk to fast rising Scottish Prospect Martin Harkin. The Pride of Dunbartonshire, Martin is currently 13-0 with 5 impressive knockout victories. His latest came agaisnt fellow rising start Wigan’s James Moorecroft, a man tipped for big things himself before Harkin viciously stopped him in the 5th round. The reigning Celtic Welterweight Champion took some time out of his quarantine to talk to Ewan Breeze through that win and his plans for the future.

Ewan: So Martin I talk to you in a weird time as the country enters lockdown, how’s the new ‘self isolated’ world treating you?

Martin: Yeah, I’ve been trying to keep busy. My routine obviously all messed up like everybody else but I’m just trying to keep myself busy.

Ewan: Have you managed to do much training with the gyms being shut?

Martin: I’ve been doing more road work since the gyms have been shut. My coach is taking me in starting next week just one on one to keep our training up

Ewan: Good to hear, well if we look back to better times, Your career took a huge leap up at the end of January this year with your TKO victory over a then unbeaten James Moorcroft, take me through that fight and what it meant for you.

Martin: My manager promised to get me a good fight that would shoot me up the british rankings. So he offered me that fight, I hadn’t seen much of my opponent, just that he had roughly the same record as myself and he’d stopped his last four opponents. It was great to win the fight in a good fashion.

Ewan: I was very impressed by your killer instinct in that fight and the coolness with which you were able to maintain balance and pick your shots to deliver a spectacular finish, where do you think that ability comes from?

Martin: I think it’s my experience. And my coach is constantly drumming into me in training to stay cool, stay composed at all times.

Ewan: You really squared up to chase the final shot, was that something you drilled too?

Martin: Yeah I’ve always been naturally a left hooker, but I was really glad I got to show people I’m not just a left hooker I’ve got a right hand as well which I was landing constantly through the fight.

Ewan: And what a right hand it was! You said after that win you only want big fights, what names in particular interest you at the moment?

Martin: I’d love to fight guys above me in the rankings, guys who are considered the best. Guys who have a big name and a big following I’d love a chance to box on a big sky sports show. That would be massive exposure for me.

Ewan: You’re ranked number 17th in the country by BoxRec with big names like Anthony Tomlinson, Johnny Garton and even Connor Benn ranked in 10 above you. How do you feel you do against that caliber of opponent?

Martin: I Think I’d beat every one of them and just need the opportunity to prove it. I honestly feel I’m the dark horse of the division. And I’m going to give a lot of people a fright when I get my chance.

Ewan: Love the confidence! So with that in mind, if all goes well, what are your ambitions for the rest of the year?

Martin: I’d love to get the chance for a final eliminator for the british and commonwealth titles, then take it from there, I just need that opportunity.

Ewan: Chris Jenkins is the current British and Commonwealth champion, how do you think that one would go if you could secure the shot?

Martin: I think he’s a good fighter, I think he seems to cut very easily. He must have a lot of scar tissue so I’d take a lot of confidence from that.

Ewan: I personally would love to see that fight. Anyway thank you very much for the time Martin and best of luck going forward.

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