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Updated: May 31

Nate Collins is currently the Celtic Featherweight Champion after a TKO victory over fellow prospect Monty Ogilvie. A bout the young fighter had to take in order to help his financial situation, and this is what the conversation mainly focussed on. It is hopefully an eye opener for some that think these boxers with flashy cars and big houses, have always lived this lifestyle. We are going to show that is definitely not the case, here Bobby Gunn spoke in depth to Nate.

BG: Firstly, I just want to congratulate you on a brilliant tko victory over fellow prospect Monty Ogilvie. Its been well documented of your financial struggles prior to the fight, I was just curious as to how that victory has changed your circumstances?

NC: No probs thank you guys for the exposure!

Yeah absolutely it was very difficult to gain sponsorship and support before the Monty fight and I was working a full time job. After the Monty fight I had a few months off work with the belief that winning the Celtic was going to propel my career a bit and push me toward British eliminators this year however after just one keep busy fight in January and now everything that’s going on it feels as if I am back to square one. Financially it’s didn’t really change much at all for me I am now back working full time once again which just goes to show how difficult it is for boxers coming up unless you have a major backing behind you.

BG: Yeah, it just shows how much the top guys have had to suffer before making themselves secure financially mate. So where next for yourself then? Obviously the featherweight division is stacked with British fighters but would you just be looking to continue learning your trade against some journeymen for the remainder of 2020?

NC: Yeah absolutely I think it really is such a difficult sport to make a living from it definitely is bizarre how little you can earn when you’re the one going out and putting the show on and making it happen and jeopardising your health. Not too sure what’s next now especially with this pandemic going on who knows when things will go back to normal. At the start of the year I would have been happy to just jump back in to an 8 or 10 rounder and kept the momentum. Now it will be about 5 or so month from my last fight too my next so I think I would like to get another wee 6 rounder to get out and get back in the ring then by the end of the year start pushing forward again. I have no intention of just waiting around and spending my career fighting journeymen I want to keep moving forward which is why the Monty fight happened so early.

BG: Of course mate, you’ve shown your metal already by stepping in with Monty Ogilvie so early. Would that be another risk you would be willing to take, fighting someone like Raza Hamza? Obviously with Raza being an MTK fighter, a win there could catapult you into every management team and promotion companies mindset. Also, there’s Reece Belotti, who may be too much off a step just now, with the experience he has but getting yourself in with a fighter of that ilk and backing could really be the game changer.

At the top of your division is literally the man you need to follow, Josh Warrington. I remember him being in the exact same situation you’re in right now, only 5 years ago. You clearly have the ability, confidence and heart, it’s just all about patience.

NC: Yeah I am willing to fight anyone really as long as it’s right for my career and again financially beneficial. There’s lots of good featherweights about and its making the right choice of who to face and who will put you in the best position and if it’s not going to put me in to a title position then is it worth it. Obviously, my coach Joe Ham Snr and my manager have a lot of say and sway with my decisions and there’s a lot of trust that they will do right by me also.

Yeah for sure I met Josh in January there he was at my fight and had some kind words to say based on my performance and he also was so down to earth. I believe what’s for you won’t go past you everything happens for a reason so when my time comes I will know and I will take it, same as Josh did with Selby and Frampton.

BG: Of course mate, being from Glasgow will help you too because up there you have some of the best and most loyal fans around, capturing their imagination will go a long way to getting where you want to be, just like Josh has with the Leeds fans.

I just want to say good luck in the future, keep grinding because with your ability, it’ll come. I will keep an eye on your career, and we can do this or even some face to face interviews prior to your next few fights. Even try and get myself or someone else from SimBoxx to come up for your fights.

NC: Yeah absolutely I have been slowly gaining a bit more of a following, I actually have a good amount of folks from Luton also that support me a lot, a good team of them too due to my cousins being there and they make the trip to Scotland a lot in a few cars so hopefully I can fight down south soon.

Thank you very much for chatting with me appreciate it a lot and look forward to chatting again and like you say maybe see you guys at a fight stay safe as well, thank you.

Bobby Gunn of SimBoxx

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