SimBoxx Talks To Paul Butler

With all the current troubles, boxing is near non existent, however the guys at SimBoxx are still pumping out the content. Ben was lucky enough to chat to former IBF Bantamweight world champion Paul Butler.

BJ – So Paul, thanks for you time during this really troubling period. I wanted to start by asking you about 2019. It was a really busy time for you and you fought 4 times.

PB – Opponent wise thetre was no one to shout about, but as you said, 4 wins! The titles were held up at the Boxing Super Series, so I had to plod on and tick over. Looking back it was a tough year.

BJ = Joe Gallagher has been putting a few shows, you fought on one. How was it back in a small hall?

PB – Yes, Joe sorted me a spot on his show to keep busy and he also got me a slot on a Steve Wood show. To me, a fight is a fight, put my gum shield in and point me in the right direction.

BJ – How about motivation for the smaller show?

PB – As I said, a fight is a fight. I always train hard and you’ll always get the same performance out of me. Performance shouldn’t alter depending on which show your fighting on. I aim to be the best I can be.

BJ – You have had 2 losses, the last on the Bellew Haye card and that was 3 years since the first one. Was it a set back or make you more determined?

PB – It was a a tough one to take to be honest! I had 4 weeks notice to fight someone no-one wanted to box. A mandatory for the IBF title. I struggled like mad with the weight and eventually failed it. I knew though, the winner was going into the WBSS. It was a fight I couldn’t refuse. Its amusing really after all the stick I got for missing weight, I made championship weight as a reserve for the Burnett v Donaire fight. The stick I got made me enjoy making the weight, but people dont know what goers on behind closed doors when it comes to missing weight.

BJ – Your thoughts on the division at present and is Inoue that good?

PB – Bantamweight is red hot at the moment. The WBSS says it all! Inoue is a special talent, not just the power hes bought up from flyweight, hes putting people to sleep. He has it all, Skill. Movement, chin. I reckon he’ll go up to super bantamweight and dominate there. Whether he stops there we dont know. Just need to look at Pacquiao.

BJ – Once all ths Covid-19 is out the way and we all get back on track. What does 2020 have instore for you?

PB – I hope its over soon! I was already in training and we were about to announce a title fight. It was really gutting to say the least. Once this blows over it should still go ahead. The main thing though, is that everyone stays safe and healthily, listening to what we are told to do.

BJ – Great stuff Paul, thanks for your time and look forward to seeing you soon.

PB – Thanks Mate!

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