SimBoxx Talks To Ramez Mahmood

Ramez Mahmood is currently the Southern Area Featherweight Champion after a decisive points victory over the previously unbeaten Jack Budge, a bout ‘The Mathematician’ believes could put him in contention for a shot at Brad Foster’s Super Bantamweight British Title. We inevitably started with the lockdown situation.

SB: Hi Ramez, I just wanted to start with asking how the lockdown has affected your training? RM: Hi mate, sorry for the late response, funny you ask about training because that’s exactly what I’ve just finished! In response to your question – training has been affected but I am taking positives away from the situation. The obvious negative is that gyms are closed so I’m doing all my training at home, but I am treating my training like I am a full time professional, seeing as I am off work currently. So that’s a slight positive as I don’t have the restrictions of balancing work and training. I have a little punch bag at home, rowing machine, a few weights and a treadmill so can get through a few different workouts at home as well as keeping my running up.

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