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At just 29 years of age & a pro career consisting of just 17 contests Reece Bellotti is facing calls from some quarters that his upcoming clash with Jordan Gill is his last chance saloon scenario, he of course disputes this & sees this fight as the perfect opportunity to prove the doubters wrong, Luke of SimBoxx caught up with ‘Bomber’ recently...

Finally we have the fight week for Fight Camp, how eager are you to get back to work & back in the ring?

Buzzing to get back in and fight after my last fight in Italy where I didn't perform as well as I would of liked nows the time to get back in a very tough fight.

Your fight with Jordan Gill is one of the standout bouts across the four shows, what’s your thoughts on Gill as an opponent?

Gill as an opponent is certainly one of my toughest to date and I have taken it that way in training and hopefully this will show on fight night.

How did you find keeping busy & motivated during the lockdown period?

I'm a keen runner and really into my fitness so I'm always working out and keeping in shape so motivation is never an issue I completed the Goggins 48hr challenge during lockdown so when the call came. I was ready to go.

What’s your opinion on fighting in the gardens of Matchroom HQ with little to no atmosphere & no live crowd? Is it something your excited to experience?

Very excited to experience the whole fight camp atmosphere will take everyone by surprise and we will all have to adapt to it but once the punches start flying in sure crowd or not u will switch on.

What’s the plan with the remainder of camp in preparation for fight night? Are you able to spar?

Sparring is always going to be difficult around covid etc I'm sure we will get some. People in have to make phone calls and see who's in gyms and training etc.

In terms of the actual bout many may consider it a classic ‘Boxer vs Puncher’ with your power matching up with Gill’s skill set, do you agree with that assessment or do you envisage being able to win by either KO or points?

6. I can see why people think this way going on our previous fights but I would like to think I can win both ways if needed and never just prepare for one specific way to win.

Jordan Gill v Reece Bellotti open the show on Week 1 of Matchroo‘a Fight Camp, August 1st

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