SimBoxx Talks To Sajid Abid

Ben John from Simboxx caught up with 9-1 fighter Sajid Abid. They spoke about 2019 and what’s to come from 2020!

BJ – So Sajid, for those that don’t know you, tell us a bit about yourself?

SA – Ok, so I’m Sajid, or also know as Sunny. Im 25 years old and from Derby!. I fight at welterweight but trust me, I have the appetite of a heavyweight. I say that but I’m looking to go down to light welter. My record is 9-1.

BJ – 2019 was a busy year! You fought 3 times! Did you get what you wanted?

SA – I got more than I expected from 2019, to start with, I got to fight in Saudi Arabia in front of thousands of people. I got to share Amir Khan’s show, and for simple old me, that was truly amazing.

BJ – Unfortunately 2019 bought you your first loss! How was that to take? And do you feel less pressure now your 0 has gone?

SA – For me, its the best lesson in boxing I could of learned. It made me question things and myself, did I really want it? Was I driven enough to reach my goal? When you take your first loss, it becomes make or break and a lot goes through your mind. To be honest, it made me! It made me work harder and accept it! Its made me a stronger person!

BJ – You have only just fought, How was camp? And the fight itself?

SA – Camp was amazing, I was in the best shape, better than I had been for a long time. I think that showed as I got the win. All the work paid off on the night! That being said, I had my team behind me and my sponsors. (DRS Tuning, Elite Auto Restore, Gym City, AK Innovative design solution, Veritas Valdo, PDX sports and Egyptian Collections)

BJ – What’s next Sajid?

SA – Since the fight I put myself in a food coma, I have had a week off and now got back in the gym. I need to step things up as that was my last 4 rounder.

BJ – What does 2020 bring you?

SA – Increase in rounds and finish on a 10 round fight by the end of the year. Obviously I want to fight for a title this year! I’m fitter and hungrier so I’m coming for it all!

BJ – Finally, if there’s one fight to make this year, what is it?

SA – Got to be Lomanchenko v Tank Davis purely for the fact I want to see it!!

BJ – Thanks for your time Sajid, speak again soon!

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