SimBoxx Talks To Sam Eggington

Ben John on behalf of Simboxx was lucky enough to catch up with “The Savage” Sam Eggington. Sam generously gave his time and discussed 2019 and what’s to come in 2020.

BJ – Hi Sam, Thanks for your time! 2019 was a really busy year for you wasn’t it?

SE – Your welcome Ben! And yes 2019 was a really busy year for me, fighting 6 times. It was something I hadn’t expected if I’m being honest.

BJ – Did you get what you wanted from the year?

SE – I actually got more! If you had told me at the start of 2019 I would finish with a championship and be ranked 6th in the world by the IBF, I would have snatched your hand off.

BJ – How did that make you feel?

SE – Its left me feeling really confident and positive that I can push onto bigger and better things in 2020!

BJ – You lost to Liam Smith in March, a lot of people were calling for you to stop and hang up your gloves. How did that make you feel?

SE – Liam is one of the best in the world and I fought him. Roll back 8 years ago and people would have laughed if you would have said I would share the ring with the likes of him. Being honest, the people calling for me to quit are the same people that moan there are no 50/50 fights. You take these fights and the moment you lose one, people are calling for you to retire.

BJ – You fought on a few smaller local shows in 2019, what was that like? And did it re-invent you?

SE – It was really good, I got to practice stuff I had been working on in the Gym. Fighting in big title fights, one mistake and its over whereas on smaller cards you can take your time and practice what you have been drilling.

BJ – What’s next for the “Savage” in 2020?

SE – I never try to plan too far ahead, as it doesn’t seem to suit me. When there’s a big fight on the horizon, I seem to mess up the smaller one on the way. That’s taught me to concentrate on the fight at hand and keep moving forward. That being said though, I’m in a really good place and want this to be my biggest year. I have no problem taking any of the fights that come my way.

BJ – 2020, one big fight to make, what is it?

SE – This may sound crazy because of all the ups and downs, I really want a world title fight!

I have won British, Commonwealth, European and all sorts of international ones. People have had world title shots of less than what I bring to the table. I have proved that I’m good TV, so hopefully a couple of good wins will get me that shot with someone that wants a title defence with someone that comes to fight! If I keep entertaining, I’m sure I’ll get the call I want!

BJ – Thanks for your time Sam, can’t wait to see you out again!

SE – Great, Thanks!

Sam’s Next fight is on March 28th at Skydome Arena, Coventry. Shown on Channel 5. Tickets available £40, £70, £100

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