SimBoxx Talks To Stefy Bull

With a stable of 30+ fighters, a wealth of knowledge, promoter and Trainer of World Champion Teri Harper. Ben of SimBoxx spoke to now culinary whizz Stefy Bull to discuss his year, how hes keeping busy through Lockdown and the future of the Gym.

BJ – So, Covid 19 has derailed a lot of your fights! Namely Teri harper and Anthony Tomlinson in Doncaster and the Gavin’s fight in June in spain! How had camp been going and how are they coping?

SB – Camp for Terri/Anthony was well on its way, both just started sparring and we should actually be in Spain right now with a team of sparring partners, nothing can be done, the situation is out of our hands. Both doing well at home still working and still focused.

BJ – Whilst we talk about corona, I’m guessing it’s obviously impacted you with gym closing etc how have you been keeping busy? And as a gym are you in a position to pull through this ok?

SB – I’ve been keeping busy with daily exercise and cooking at home, random I know! The gym is our own obviously bills and rent will need to be paid so the closure will hit us hard and we will have to use our own money to keep it going, no idea what the future holds but I’m positive everything will be ok.

BJ – I recently listened to you on Andy Clarke’s podcast! You spoke alot about tickets! Do you ever have instances where you have more than one fighter on the same show and one of the struggles to sell tickets but the other doesn’t? And what’s best way around this?

SB – Promoting is very hard, you will have fighters that can sell 100s of tickets and fighters that can’t sell 50 unfortunately fighters than can’t sell ticket will struggle to make it as a pro unless the promoter/manager invest in them or sponsor jumps in to help. The unfortunate things is, its a very hard brutal business for fighters who can’t sell tickets

BJ – Apart from the obvious 3 we mentioned earlier, do you have any other fighters coming through to look out for?

SB – I manage around 30 fighters at the moment, there are lots of prospects. it’s an exciting time to be in boxing albeit the circumstances we are in.

BJ – With all this excitement, what does 2020 hold?

SB – 2020 was set to be very exciting, in truth now, we have no idea. Originally we had World championship fights planned, and international championship fight, a European Title fight and 10 scheduled shows. So, I guess we’ll see.

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