SimBoxx Talks To Troy Williamson

Troy Williamson is currently the IBF European Super Welterweight Title holder, after a magnificent tko win over Italian Dario Socci and I wanted to know what he plans next and how lockdown has affected his plans.

SB: Hi Troy, First off, I just want to say thanks for the opportunity for the interview.

TW: No worries

SB: Towards the back end of 2019 you won the European title, with a stoppage victory over Dario Socci, can you tell us about the fight & how much it meant to you to win the European Strap?

TW:Yes it was a great end to the year after a very frustrating few months with opponents pulling out. But eventually we got the title shot and was victorious.

SB:What are your memories of your professional debut & the nerves that come along with it?

TW: I had alot of pressure on my shoulders, walking to the ring knowing I had an opponent to beat and was there to be beat, so I knew I couldn't lose.

SB:The only slight blemish on your record is the draw with Jack Flatley, what was your thoughts on that decision & would you ever envisage a rematch with Jack further down the line?

TW: That's in the past I don't think of it as such. It has made me the fighter I am today and if he ever brought something to the table then yes. If not I'm moving on to bigger things he has taken a L since our fight.

SB: How’s isolation been for you? Have you managed to get any training in mate? TW: Boring haha, yourself? Yes mate still ticking over. SB: Same, boring mate. At least you’rekeeping yourself as fresh as you can under the circumstances.

How would you feel about fighting behind closed doors, if you was asked? TW: Great mate, it's my only income so I'd jump at the chance.

SB: That’s it mate, obviously under the restraints, your European title wouldn’t be on the line I imagine and it’d have to be a British fighter mate. Is there a fight that you’d be looking at if you only had the choice of the British lads? TW: Anybody at 154lbs mate, Metcalfe, Sheeraz, Donnelly they're easy to make with them been with Frank. The others are with Matchroom.

SB: Yeah, that’s true. I would love to see the Metcalfe fight, that’d be a cracker. Obviously there’s a lot of chat about Anthony Fowler and Scott Fitzgerald going again for the British Title once we know where Fitzgerald is at in his personal life, promotional issues aside would the winner of that be a fight you’d be interested in or is it the IBF route you’re looking at? TW: Yes most definitely,  I want these big fights. Me and Fowler/Fitzgerald is a massive domestic fight.

SB: Yeah, they would be. There’s a brilliant domestic scene at super welter, there’s a lot of fights that can be made. If the Metcalfe fight was to happen though, that would shoot you straight into the top 5 in the IBF rankings, with him at number 4 and with your European title. With the North East having some of the best fans in the world, in all sports, would you be looking to get the big fights up there and use the crowd? TW: Yes mate definitely,  I have a good following which I am very humbled and thankful about, to get even the bigger cities behind me like Newcastle n Sunderland would be great. SB: I’m sure you will mate, the two cities mentioned love their sport and support their own. With the following you’vealready got, that could be the key to your chances, with the other fighters wanting to cash in on your fan base.

TW: Yes that's the plan mate.

SB: In your words how far off a world title opportunity would you consider yourself? In an ideal world how do you plot an assault on the world scene?

TW: I have a great team around me, all I got to do it just keep winning and you never know. Opportunitys do come around and If one came up for me I'd grab it with both hands.

SB: Thanks for the opportunity of chatting, I wish you all the best in your career mate and will be excited to see you in with the names mentioned. Take care mate. TW: and thank u bro, definitely take care.

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