We at SimBoxx have been alarmed by feuding that has permeated the boxing media community in these past few weeks, culminating in IFL TV being barred from a Hennessy Sports boxing show this Friday night. 

We do not have a million subscribers, but we do have a strong sense of what is right. For us that is a free, impartial press that is allowed to cover the sport we all love on behalf of its passionate fan base. 

We also believe in healthy and friendly competition, where we each strive to publish the highest quality of content. This competition breeds creativity, ingenuity and brings the best out of all of us. Denying anyone their right to compete is not healthy competition, rather a rash and reactive move that in the long run hinders everyone. 

From our experiences in the short time we have been a part of the boxing media we have made some great  friends and worked closely with many other platforms. sharing contacts, information, advice without the worry of ‘out doing’ anybody. 

Independent boxing media is such a saturated world but there’s plenty of boxers, trainers, promoters and managers to ensure content for everyone, especially at grassroots level. 

The beauty of boxing is that whether you have mass financial backing or you’ve brought a camera to your first ever press conference, you can be involved. 

Cohesion, collaboration, and coexistence doesn’t make it harder for any single outlet. Instead it allows each to harness their full potential, and strive for better. 


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