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Tyson Fury v Tom Schwarz

The world was shocked when, two weeks ago, the unified WBA,WBO,IBF,IBO heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua was stopped by rank outsider Andy Ruiz Jr. Two weeks later and the world again turns its eyes to the big men once again as Tyson Fury puts his Lineal claim to the title on the line against another huge underdog looking to replicate Ruiz’s success and dethrone a heavyweight giant. The legitimacy of the lineal claim is much discussed but there is a clear historical argument that in this modern age of Alphabet belts, gold silver bronze, international and intercontinental, Supers and regulars the best way to see who the campion is to look for the man that beat the man. Northwards of 200lbs that man is Tyson Fury.

Now I want to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the two combatants vying to be ‘the man who beat the man’ in the most dangerous division in boxing.

The Champion: Tyson Fury

Age: 30

Height: 6”9 (206cm)

Weight: 256½ lbs (18 stone 3)

Reach: 85 inches (216cm)

Stance: Orthodox

Record: 28-0-1 (19 KO’s)

Best Attribute: There is absolutely no question that the Gypsy King’s best attribute is his sublime Movement and Footwork. He has by far the best footwork and movement in the heavyweight division at the moment and in my opinion he might have the best movement since the retirement of Muhammad Ali. That is a very, very bold statement but I genuinely believe it. He looked untouchable for 12 rounds against the longest reigning heavyweight champion ever in Wladimir Kiltscko. He boxed the head off reigning champion Deontay Wilder for 10 rounds, and even after he was knocked out, he got back up and won the rest of the round with his movement. He can, at his best, be a ghost in the ring, impossible to hit, this is absolutely his best attribute. All this weighing more than 18 stone.

Key to Victory: Obviously Fury always fights his own fight and will be the Tyson Fury we all know and love, this for me is the key to victory. Fury’s fighting style is at it’s best when he’s relaxed and well conditioned, it’s an absolute nightmare for anyone and I think this will be the case for Schwarz. Working off the jab will be the best way for Fury to hold Schwarz at bay, disrupt his predictable rhythm and work whatever shots he chooses.

Schwarz also has several technical flaws that will prove costly in the fight. Most prominent is his reliance on his pawing jab to force the guard up and draw exchanges where he can throw a hook if you stay at range or an uppercut if you come in too close. Fury’s ability to switch stances could prove telling with a lead right hook over the pawing jab followed up with straight lefts to the body and chin from the southpaw stance could deliver the power he needs to stop Schwarz, these were his best punches against Klitschko and I think Schwarz is a lesser version of the same fundamental style.

The Challenger: Tom Schwarz

Age: 25

Height: 6“5 1⁄2 (197 cm)

Weight: 240lbs (17 Stone 2)

Reach: 78 inches (199cm)

Stance: Orthodox

Record: 24 – 0 (16 KO’s)

Best Attribute: At 24-0 Schwatz’s record is quite deceiving, although he has a lot of fights under his belt he is still extremely raw and he has not yet fought outside central europe (his only outings have been in Germany and the Czech Republic). He does however have a modest skill set, fighting out of the classic European, high guard, head straight up style. I think that his skills in comparison to Fury’s are totally outmatched however it may be his Rawness that proves his best attribute. He is young, hungry, ambitious and not afraid of anyone, he will be coming to win, especially in the wake of Ruiz’s massive upset win over AJ. He will give his all and if Fury overlooks him he could find himself in trouble.

Key to victory: Although he normally tends to ‘Jab and grab’ his smaller opponents he can on occasion fire off quick combinations as clinches are initiated especially where the opponent is his height or bigger. We saw this is in his knockout of Christian Lewandowski where the shot that proved the beginning of the end was a tight uppercut as Lewandoski tried to initiate a clinch. Outside of a Hasim Rahman Lottery punch I think the only way Schwarz could get himself into this fight is by using his combination of tight hooks and uppercuts to both body and head when Tyson’s longer arms are busy trying to clinch. This will obviously be a huge ask but its to my mind the only place he could try and logically expolit as his last few fights Fury has avoided inside fighting opting for a clinch and reset, the logical option in warm up fights and against a thunderous puncher in Deontay Wilder.

Prediction: Although I have tried to analyse their skills and find a way for either man to win I think Tyson Fury is levels above what I see as a rather amateurish opponent. Schwarz has never really had a meaningful fight and has been tagged and hurt against extremely low level fighters such as Senad Gashi and the aforementioned Christian Lewandoski. It took him 4 rounds to beat Samir Nebo, a man who an extremely out of shape british title contender (Dave Allen) obliterated in a round. I think Schwartz is vastly out of his depth and if even half the fighter who beat Wladmir Kiltschko or Deontay Wilder (because Tyson won that fight) then Tom Schwartz will be on the end of a vicious boxing lesson. If Tyson is at his best I believe Scwartz will be unable to go the distance. Therefore my final prediction is I think that because Fury is not a huge puncher it will not be a spectacular knockout but instead either the germans corner or referee will be forced to step in and save Tom from a horrendous and prolonged beating.

Written by Ewan Breeze for SimBoxx

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