The Last Super Fight???

‘Triple Gs’ most recent victory versus Daniel Jacobs, on points, brought to end one of the most devastating KO streaks in modern boxing history, some say he even shown human-like weaknesses rather than his usual monster like KO power, ‘Canelo’ on the other hand has a intriguing bout coming up with the ever underwhelming Julio Cesar Chavez Jr, should he, as expected, come through that test, surely Golovkin and Canelo can no longer avoid each other?

The genuine super fight, while not capable of coming close to bringing in the kind of money Floyd and Manny provided, will be seen by most boxing purists as a more compelling and visibly more competitive boxing match up, it will be a real travisty if it doesn’t happen.

Golovkin, aside from the recent unanimous points win v Jacobs, is nothing short of a human wrecking ball, possessing knockout power in both hands, with punches thrown in a almost chopping style never seen in a boxing ring before and an ability to stand up to power punches from his rival, often taking a punch or two from the opponent to land his own destructive onslaught.

Canelo on the other hand has looked impeccable since his sole career defeat against Floyd Mayweather in 2013, with 3 knockout wins in 6 fights, including highlight reel worthy lay outs of James Kirkland and Amir Khan.

Both boxers have granite chins, serious punch power and tendency to have a good, old fashioned tear up when necessary, although an often over looked aspect is each mans respective boxing skills, which are easily overlooked due to the concussive knock outs and brutal stoppages these two usually provide.

A Western style shoot out or a boxing chess match, Canelo and GGG are capable of providing both, with each being as equally thrilling as the other.

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