Undisputed - Lomachenko v Lopez preview

Fight week is upon us. So far COVID-19 has ravaged the fight game, and although we have gotten some very interesting fights (albeit with no crowd) none of the bouts have been technically noteworthy. In terms of a mega-fight-- this is truly the one we have all waited for.

Here we have two champions with all of the belts on the line (hard to call Haney the true WBC champion) and bragging rights for a fight that has turned these two respected fighters into true rivals.

This is the classic boxing story here of the veteran vs the up and coming superstar. The 32-year-old veteran Vasyl Lomachenko is one of the most decorated amateur fighters of all-time. Although he has only fought professionally 15 times, he captured his first title in only his third professional fight. He is a rare combination of speed, power and agility that is likened to the grace and skill of a ballet dancer. He truly is something the world of boxing has never seen before.

Enter Teofimo Lopez, the 23-year-old fighter has as many professional fights at 15 as Lomachenko, although not nearly as decorated of an amateur fighter. Teofimo is truly a power puncher. Of his 15 wins, 12 have come by way of knockout. This included his latest, which saw him capture his first title via a 2nd round knockout.

Preview by Alex Perl of SimBoxx👊🥊

SimBoxx team predictions;

Luke, founder, co-host of Let’s Talk Boxing & chief contributor -

Ok it’s fight week first & foremost I’m so hyped for this fight, the boxer vs puncher, youth vs experience, plenty of bad blood in both camps, it has it all!

I truly believe the fight will deliver, I think it’ll live up to the hype & from watching the build up content from Top Rank I’ve seen a nasty side to Vasyl Lomachenko in the way he speaks about Teofimo Lopez, has the young upstart got under the skin of Loma? Does that affect the fight? Such an intriguing scenario.

So, my prediction: I like Lopez, arguably the next best at 135lb but Lomachenko is no.1 & he’ll show that in this fight, Lopez will have moment, he is too quick, too good not to have moments of success, he may be level on the cards at the midway stage but ultimately the quality of Loma, a generational talent, will shine through, he’ll pull away in the latter rounds to win a close but ultimately decisive victory on the cards.

Ewan, head writer & co-host of Let’s Talk Boxing -

Prediction: Loma via RTD.

I don’t think anyone at 135lbs can live with the complexity of Lomachenko.

Lopez is game, skilled and hungry but he’s never had to deal with a problem like this before.

Fighting Loma is like trying to solve a rubix cube but if you make one mistake will explode in your face.

Lopez is brilliant, Lomachenko is perfect.

Bobby, contributor & co-host of Let’s Talk Boxing -

Loma late stoppage.

I think Lopez is a brilliant fighter but Loma is just a different beast at 135lbs. I don’t see a fighter getting near him if I’m honest.

Lopez will be game, he’ll make it tough for Loma but the boxing ability of Loma will shine though in the mid rounds and I believe he’ll start picking Lopez apart.

Lopez will be brave, he’s young, hungry and a tough guy, wouldn’t be surprised to see his corner stop it with the towel in rounds 9-12.

Aaron Ludford, contributor & feature writer -

Loma Ud.

I think Lopez is destructive, hard hitting and dangerous enough to beat most, but Loma isn’t most.

He’s too skilful, too elusive and too clever to be drawn into Lopez’s kind of fight I believe.

Lee Clayton, contributor -

Im going Loma late stoppage.

Lopez is an elite level fighter but theres one level above that, Lomachencko level.

I just see Lopez giving it a good bash, but Loma breaks him down in 10 rounds. In my opinion nobody touches Loma at this present time.

Lopez will be game and will come for a fight but after 3 or 4 rounds Loma starts to pick him off. After the mid rounds i think he will just be all too much for Lopez.

Alex, US correspondent -

This is a tough one to predict, you have the boxer vs the slugger. The veteran vs the youngster. With that all being said this weekend will conclude with some true fire-works, and one man can truly say they are the top lightweight boxer in the world.

Sean, contributor -

Loma points

I think Lopez will make it a tough fight and cause problems but Loma’s just too good and will win by UD, winning most rounds and edging the close ones.

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