Walk Before You Can Run…

Becoming world champion is the ambition and universally chased goal of each and every boxer in the paid ranks, attempting to ascend to these lofty heights in only your second professional contest earns you your very slot in the history books.

The undercard to Manny Pacquaio v Lucas Matthysse in Kuala Lumpur afforded China’s Lu Bin the opportunity to accomplish this feat as he went up against Venezuelan WBA ‘regular’ kingpin Carlos ‘Triple C’ Canizales, with an obvious deficit in boxing experience minus vests and head guards, Lu Bin hoped his superior footwork would manoeuvre him into position to take the strap from his more rugged opponent.

The first few stanzas saw exactly that as Bin bobbed and weaved his away around the ring, whilst ‘CCC’ looked to land telling power punches from the off, barley a jab thrown from the champion and he conceded the opening two on the cards before his clubbing hooks and uppercuts gained him the third, a familiar pattern began to emerge through the middle rounds as Lu Bin’s fleeting feet opened each round before inevitably he succumbed to the now relentless come forward approach from Canizales, a triple left hook in the 6th a prime example of the kind of approach that the champ was clearly now choosing to maintain his superiority, all the cleaner and sharper work was coming early in the rounds from Bin before the late ambush from ‘CCC’ scores the rounds in the laters favour, that was until a stem to the Venezuelan flow in the 7th, Bin choosing to trade leather with leather mid ring, providing angles that momentarily left Carlos chasing shadows. Clearly boosted from his success in the previous round, Bin shot out of his stool in the 8th and landed a crisp combo on the head of his foe before a huge shot from the champion turned the entire round on its head and allowed him to regain control of the fight. The China man’s corner attempted to advise him mid round to box and move, not sit in the pocket but those words didn’t seem to register with by Bin as he was caught and wobbled again in the 10th, showing off his ability to take a solid punch but that doesn’t win fights alone and he wasn’t winning this one that’s for sure. Heading into the championship rounds it was clear Lu Bin was behind on the cards and would surely need a knockout to win but it wasn’t to be, CCC was relentless and refused to take a backwards through out the contest bullied his adversary, dropped him with a left hook in the eleventh leaving Lu Bin cut and out on his feet heading into the last round. Bin, knowing he needed that money shot came out firing but was met by Canizales in the middle of the ring, a final, violent onslaught saw Bin crumble to the floor, with less than 10 seconds on the clock leaving the ref no choice but to waive the contest off.

Lu Bin’s ambition was admirable but he was simply out fought, out hustled and beaten up by much more professionally accomplished boxer in Carlos Canizales who dominated through out, Lu Bin will come again but this was ‘Triple C’s’ night.

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